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Do not allow frost to accumulate thickly on the cooling coil, as it causes higher cabinet temperatures and longer running.

To defrost, remove icetrays and see that defrosting tray is in place. Then turn control to the "defrost" or warmest position. When all frost has melted off coil, turn control back to normal position.

Do not attempt to remove frost from coil by means of any instrument.


Do not fill icetrays above | inch from top of tray. Dry outside of trays and inside of freezing compartment before placing trays in position. Cold control may be set to colder position for quick freezing. Return it to normal when finished.

If icetrays stick, lever them upwards to free them. If unsuccessful, place steaming cloth against front of tray. If this fails, defrost the coil.

To remove icecubes from icetray, run cold water over the bottoms of the trays.


Clean icetrays and interior of cabinet with warm water and bi-carbonate of soda. Do not use soap. If fruit or vegetable juice is spilt in the cabinet, remove immediately with warm water and soft cloth.


If refrigerator should be shut down for longer than a few days, take out the power plug and remove all pe/ishable food.

-■ . • • .

It is advisable to run the unit two or three times each month. .



In loading your refrigerator it is essential to bear in mind that free air circulation is necessary. Certain foods need, of course, to be covered. Salads in particular should always be put in a special salad container so that the moisture is retained


All dairy produce must be covered; that is to say, the tops should go back on to milk and cream bottles and butter and cheese should be kept wrapped in the greaseproof paper or kept in a covered container of glass or porcelain. This is essential because there is such a high percentage of fat in dairy produce that it will rapidly absorb the flavour from any other foodstuffs in the cabinet.


Meat and poultry in general, whether cooked or raw, should not be covered, but if a cooked joint is "in cut" it is as well to put a piece of greaseproof paper just over the cut side to prevent the outside slice from becoming dry. With raw meats, of course, this drying on the outside is an advantage, because by that means the natural juices are retained.


Wash and clean thoroughly all greens—lettuce, celery, spinach, etc. Cut off any uneatable portions that can be done away with, such as tops of carrots, trimmings of lettuce, and unusable celery tops. All salads should be washed and dried and packed into the container.

* Cucumber may be placed in the refrigerator to be chilled, but it should never be kept in cold storage.


As soon as left-over cooked food is cool, transfer it to a small, clean plate and place it in the cabinet. Never put warm food into your refrigerator. If you want to cool jellies or moulds quickly, cool them to room temperature by packing ice cubes around them and then place in the refrigerator.



The refrigerator is supplied with a control for the operation of the refrigerating unit. There is an "on" and ' off" switch, which turns the electric supply to the motor "on" or "off" as desired. The refrigerator is fitted with a separate automatic device to control the temperature. This switch need not be used except for the express purpose of putting the cabinet into or out of use, otherwise it should be kept on con tinually, winter and summer. Do not turn the current off at night—to do so interferes with the operation of the cabinet and most likely food spoilage will result.

If the cabinet does not appear to be maintaining its low temperature and the unit is net working, make sure that the supply is switched on and that the plug has not been inadvertently withdrawn from its socket. Make sure, too, that the lamp inside the cabinet (if one is fitted) has not broken. Its failure does not necessarily mean that the current supply is off.


A thick accumulation of frost on the coils of the freezing unit causes the refrigerator to operate inefficiently and higher running costs result. When the cold control is placed at the warmest or defrosting position the temperature of the cabinet is automatically raised sufficient to allow the frost on the freezing coils to thaw, and the water produced drips into a tray immediately underneath it. On the completion of defrosting and the return of the cold control to the normal position the refrigerator resumes its normal working at the lower temperature once again. Defrosting requires to be done periodically, the time depending on the humidity of the atmosphere and the amount of moisture contained in the food.


When making ice, start with perfectly cold tap water. If ice is not wanted in a hurry, do not alter the temperature control. Only when quick freezing is required should this control be operated for that purpose. The ice is ready for use when the cubes are perfectly formed. With rubber trays the cubes are easily ejected by bending the tray. With aluminium trays cold water run on the exterior of the trays will soon release the cubes. As ice is used, fill up the trays with water as previously directed. Ice will then always be ready for use


Your refrigerator will help you tremendously in the marketing question. You can buy in reasonable quantities without the urgent need to dispose of the food as soon as it is bought.

For instance, one can buy a ham about half the price one normally pays for the same ham by the pound when cooked and cut, and there is not the feeling that this ham must be eaten. It can be stored for several weeks if kept in the refrigerator.


There is no reason to buy your perishable foods more frequently than once a week. You will find that with a refrigerator, the same convenience can be exercised in the purchase of these goods as in the purchase of your general groceries, tea, sugar, etc., which you now buy when convenient to yourself, not as you need them.


The temperature regulator and cold control varies the setting of the thermostat, and, in consequence, the temperature at which the cabinet is maintained. It is a mistake to keep this temperature regulator at too low a figure. There is a normal setting with every cabinet, and this should be adhered to except in cases of emergency when quick freezing or defrosting is desired.


Complete meals may be prepared and stored in the refrigerator cabinet for a day, and foundation recipes for several days. This is another reason why a large cabinet should be purchased, in order that the normal refrigerate-store does not get overcrowded by the prepared meal.

Breakfast prepared overnight and stored in the refrigerator naturally saves a considerable amount of time in the morning, as there is only the actual cooking process to carry out. In the same way, dinner prepared in the morning leaves the housewife a free day until the actual cooking period.

Here again must be emphasised the importance of keeping the refrigerator control at normal setting. Details for this are given in the section on the operation of controls. Preparations of dishes which are to be served cold can be done at leisure and the garnishing left until just before the food is to be served.    *

Here is a list of things to store for catering purposes and some suggestions for their use:—



Black Coffee Stock

Filling for Sandwiches Savouries Mayonnaise Salads

Pastry and Dry Mixtures

Aspic Jelly

Barley Water



Prepared Vegetables


To obtain the best results, remember to thoroughly cool the plates on which food is to be served; just as you would heat plates for hot food. Also, it is necessary to remember that it takes longer to cool food than to heat it, particularly in the case of liquids and bulky foodstuffs.




salad dressing

Put the well-drained sardines in the dish, tails meeting in centre. Put capers down the centre, on top of tails. Sprinkle with dressing, e.g., oil and vinegar, etc. Place in refrigerator until ready for serving.

FRUIT COCKTAIL, pineapple peaches pears apples cherries

Cut equal parts of fruit into cubes. Pour all the juice over the cubes and garnish with a cherry to each serve. Place in refrigerator and chill thoroughly.


1    cake cream cheese -4- teaspoon salt

s teaspoon pepper

2    or 3 drops Worcester sauce mayonnaise

Wash celery, separate and use tender inner stalks. Mash cheese with fork, add salt, pepper, Worcestershire sauce and enough mayonnaise to make a smooth spreading consistency. Fill celery stalks with this mixture. Chill thoroughly before serving.


hard-boiled eggs



beetroot (previously soaked in vinegar)

Cut eggs lengthwise into eight pieces. Coat with mayonnaise. Decorate with beetroot. Place tiny pieces of parsley down centre. Place in refrigerator until ready for serving.


Cut fresh toasted bread in pieces about 3 inches by 3 or inch. Spread while hot with anchovy paste. If rolled anchovy fillets are to be used instead of paste, cut bread in one inch squares, spread with butter, and place one fillet on each piece.

I oupô


2    cups white soup stock

3    cups diced celery

2    tablespoons butter

3    tablespoons flour

1    cup cream

2    cups milk

slice of onion

salt and pepper

Cook celery in stock until tender, replacing water lost by evaporation. Rub through a sieve. Scald onion in milk and then remove onion. Add milk to stock. Thicken with flour and butter. Add seasoning. Allow to simmer approximately 10 minutes and serve very hot.


3    cups white soup stock 1 cup asparagus

4    tablespoons flour

4 tablespoons butter 1 pint milk 1 slice onion salt and pepper

Drain the asparagus. Reserve tips and put stalks into soup stock. Add onion and cook until stalks are tender. Rub through sieve. Blend the butter and flour. Add salt, pepper, milk, and asparagus tips. Serve very hot.


1 quart consomme



celery salt

I tablespoon gelatine

Heat consomme to boiling point, add seasoning to taste, and stir in gelatine which has been soaked in cold water. Cool thoroughly and freeze for 3 hours. Serve in bouillon cups topped with seasoned whipped cream.


1 tin tomato soup equal quantity water *4' tablespoon gelatine

Heat the soup and water together to boiling point, and stir in gelatine soaked in cold water. Cool thoroughly and freeze in refrigerator tray. Serve topped with slightly salted whipped cream.


1 quart bouillon seasonings

-! tablespoon gelatine

Prepare, freeze and serve as directed in recipe for frozen consomme.


1    lobster or 1 tin of lobster

2    crisp lettuces

I sliced cucumber

little diced potato

Remove all flesh from the claws, etc., and flake it. Arrange some crisp lettuce leaves around the inside of a salad bowl, break up the remainder of the lettuce and put into a salad bowl with the sliced cucumber, reserving some for garnish, diced potato and flaked fish. Blend all these ingre-dients# together and arrange in the salad bowl. Garnish with the claws of the lobster and some sliced cucumber.


2 cup cooked lamb (cold)

1 slice pineapple

1 orange

1 tablespoon gelatine

1    cup fruit juice

2    teaspoon salt cup sugar

4* cup vinegar

Cut lamb in small cubes, flake orange and cut pineapple into small pieces. Dissolve sugar and add salt, vinegar and fruit juice. Chill gelatine mixture and when it commences to thicken, add lamb ana fruit. Turn into mould and place in refrigerator to set.


2 cupsful flaked salmon 1 cupful mayonnaise seasonings

1    tomato

2    oz. gelatine dissolved in 2 table

spoons boiling water

1 hard-boiled egg

Chop salmon, egg, tomato (skinned) mix with mayonnaise, add gelatine, place below freezing unit and set. Turn out of mould and garnish with salad.


2    dessertspoons gelatine

3    lbs. neck mutton or Iamb 2 cups stock

2 tablespoons finely chopped meat 2 tablespoons vinegar 2 cups clear jelly 1 lettuce

Braise mutton, and, when cold, cut into cutlets. Dissolve gelatine in two cups of stock, add to it vinegar and mint. Lay the cutlets in a dish and pour this over. Have cutlets well covered. Chill in refrigerator. Serve in a bed of lettuce, put chopped jelly round.



1J tablespoons gelatine


-4- cup cold water 2 tablespoons butter 2 tablespoons flour 1 cup milk salt, pepper -2' teaspoon onion juice 1 cup chicken, finely chopped 1 cup ham, finely chopped 1 cup whipped cream

Soak gelatine in cold water. Melt butter, add flour and mix well. Add milk gradually and bring to boiling point, stirring constantly. Add salt, pepper, onion juice and gelatine. Fold in chicken and ham. Cool. When mixture begins to thicken, fold in whipped cream. Turn into wet mould and chill thoroughly in refrigerator. Serve on crisp lettuce leaves.


Any cold meats or fishes may be prepared the same as chicken and ham.


1    cup hot water

'2‘ cud cold flaked fish

2    tablespoons chopped capers

2    ripe tomatoes 1 cup macaroni

3    cups stock

Mix fish and capers, and arrange in mould. Add gelatine to hot water, then add lemon juice and salt. Pour carefully over fish in mould and chill in refricerator. Serve on lettuce with fish sauce or salad dressing.

SALMON MOUSSE, aspic jelly

salmon (fresh or tinned) whipped cream Worcester sauce salt



Place mould in refrigerator and thoroughly chill for i hour. Take from refrigerator and line with layer of aspic jelly, and return to refrigerator to set. Mix 1 tin salmon with l pint (gill) of aspic and i gill whipped cream. Season well with pepper, vinegar and Worcester sauce. Slice the cucumber, dip in aspic, and make a design on bottom and sides of mould. Fill up with salmon mixture and chill. Garnish with water cress.


fish fillets tomato

hard-boiled egg cooked peas, aspic

salt and pepper

Bake fish in butter, pour coating of a:'>pic into a glass dish, place in refrigerator to set. Lay fillets on aspic and decorate with slices of tomato, hard-boiled eggs and cooked peas. Cover with sufficient aspic without disturbing decorations. Return to refrigerator and chill thoroughly.

1 oz. butter

1    teaspoon mustard

2    tablespoons sugar

pepper and salt

3    tablespoons milk

4    tablespoons vinegar

1 egg

Beat egg andl mix with sugar, mustard, pepper and salt, adding the milk when well mixed.    Stir in vinegar

gradually. Melt butter and pour in other ingredients.    Bring to boil,

stirring all the time.


16 stalks asparagus, medium size, freshly cooked or canned


salad dressing

Place crisp lettuce on cold plates and arrange chilled asparagus tips. Add mayonnaise. Canned pimento can be arranged ribbon style on top of asparagus.





milled nuts




Prepare lettuce, shred cabbage, finely grate carrots, slice tomatoes, stone dates. Arrange lettuce in salad bowl. Arrange prepared vegetables decoratively in separate piles. Finally sprinkle with a little shredded cabbage. Serve nuts separately.

3 or 4 tomatoes 2 tablespoons olive oil pepper and salt 1 head of celery 1 tablespoon lenaon juice

Cut the celery into 2 inch lengths; remove the skin from the tomatoes and cut them in slices of even thickness. Place tomatoes and celery in a salad bowl. Mix the seasoning together and pour over the celery and tomato. Chill before serving.


4 medium carrots, grated

1 cup grated pineapple

1 cup pineapple juice

1    cup boiling water

2    oz. lemon flavour gelatine

Dissolve gelatine in boiling water and cool. Mix with pineapple and carrots. Pour into individual moulds or one large mould. Serve on bed of lettuce, garnished with mayonnaise. Place in refrigerator till ready to serve.

ala ci ô



1 tablespoon gelatine -4- cup cold water 1 teaspoon mustard 3 tablespoons vinegar 1 cup peas -Jr cup cream

1 cup cooked chicken, cubed I' teaspoon salt 1 cup celery, chopped 1 I cups chicken stock

Soak gelatine in cold water and dissolve in hot chicken stock. Add seasonings and when cool add cream and chill until partially jellied. Add other ingredients and pour intg mould. When set unmould on to platter and garnish. Serves 8.


1    lettuce

2' cucumber sliced

6    spring onions

7    radishes thinly sliced

2    tomatoes

1 hard-boiled egg

Wash and dry lettuce. Shred largest leaves. Place small ones around salad bowl. Wash and slice radishes, prepare and slice cucumber, skin and slice tomatoes, and spring onions. Place in a salad bowl and toss well to mix. Top with sliced egg and one or two slices of tomato.

3 dessertspoons gelatine 1 tin asparagus tips 1 teaspoon salt crisp lettuce salad dressing 1 lemon

water, heart of two sticks of celery

Drain liquid from asparagus and add to it enough water to make 3 cups liquid. Add salt, celery, juice lemon, pepper. Boil. Add gelatine, stir until dissolved. Line fluted mould with tips, cut up finely little celery and asparagus. Mix with liquid, and pour into mould. Set in refrigerator. Serve on lettuce with mayonnaise dressing.


2 small lettuce 4' cucumber 2 or 3 oranges 1 lb. white grapes soft cream cheese grated nuts

Wash and prepare the ingredients and make a bed of lettuce for layers of sliced cucumber, skinned grapes, watercress and orange quarters. Arrange a final ring of orange quarters on top. Knead the cream cheese into small balls, roll them in the grated nuts and pile in a pyramid in the middle. Chill thoroughly and serve with a fairly sweet dressing.


I lb. strawberries

1    egg white

2    pint cream

2 tablespoons castor sugar    J

Sprinkle sugar over strawberries and leave for 1 hour, then rub through hair sieve. Whip the whites of egg and the cream and fold together.    *

Gradually fold the strawberry puree into the egg and cream, place in freezing tray and freeze. Tinned fruit can be used. In that case there will be no need for sugar.


2 bananas 1 grape fruit lemon juice 1 apple 1 lettuce

boiled salad dressing

Peel bananas and slice finely; core and peel and dice apple. Sprinkle with lemon juice to flavour and to help to keep the colour good. Shred lettuce in salad bowl, add bananas and apple. Peel grape fruit, removing all pith and pips. Break into small sections, add the salad, and then toss the ingredients well so that they are evenly distributed. Chill thoroughly and serve with boiled salad dressing. This salad can be served individually on crisped lettuce leaves.


6 bananas A* pint cream 2 whites of eggs juice of 1 orange juice of half lemon '4' pint custard 2 oz. castor sugar

Mash the bananas with the sugar, orange and lemon juice, put into the refrigerator to cool, and then stir the custard and lightly whipped cream and (he stiffly beaten whites of eggs into the chilled fruit, put into the trays of the refrigerator until frozen.


1 white of egg

2- pint cream

1 teaspoonful vanilla extract

Whip white of egg, whip cream, adding vanilla flavouring. Fold the whipped cream and egg together carefully. Place in freezing tray and freeze to right consistency. Serve with fruit.

I lb. apples

-4- lb. sugar

1    lemon

2    pint water

2 pint cream

1 white of egg

Peel and core apples, place them in a saucepan with the water and sugar. Add the lemon juice and stew until mushy. Rub through a hair sieve and leave to cool. When cool, place in freezing tray for half an hour. Whip white of egg and cream and fold together. Remove apple puree from freezing tray and gradually fold it into the egg and cream. Return to freezing tray and freeze to right con-s'stency. To serve, top with crystallised lemon.


1 lettuce ‘2* cucumber I tin pineapple chunks chopped nuts French dressing

Wash, dry and crisp lettuce. Arrange in round bowl, saving the inner heart for decorating. Cut pineapple in half and place a layer of them in a bowl. Cover this layer with a layer of sliced cucumber. Repeat this process until the bowl is full. Place the heart in the centre as though growing there, and top the whole dish with chopped nuts. All to chill thoroughly and serve with French dressing.

.V cup pears

-4* cup peaches

.1 cup preserved figs

•4 cup shredded pineapple

4 cup almonds

2 cup mayonnaise

2 cup cream

Cut fruit in small pieces. Whip cream and mix in mayonnaise. Mix ail ingredients and freeze. Cut in cubes and serve on lettuce with mayonnaise.


3 tart apples, diced.

1    cup celery, diced

-2 cup pecan nut meats, chopped

2    tablespoons gelatine

-4 cup sugar

1    cup cold water

2    cups boiling water

1    teaspoon salt

2    cup mild vinegar

Soak gelatine in cold water, dissolve in boiling water. Add sugar, vinegar and salt. Cool, then add celery, apples and nut meats. Turn into wet moulds and chill in refrigerator.


2 dessertspoons gelatine 4 large pears

1    i cups water cloves cinnamon sugar

2    cup wine lemon

Peel and cut pears into quarters, put in dish with water, few cloves Small piece of cinnamon and enough sugar to sweeten. Cover dish and bake in gentle oven till quite tender. Lay pears in plain wet mould. Simmer 2 cups of liquid from pears with wine, 1 strip lemon peel, strained juice of half a lemon, and gelatine. Let simmer for five minutes, then strain over pears. Set in refrigerator.


4 juicy oranges

3    eggs

3 oz. castor sugar A oz. gelatine

Squeeze all the juice from the oranges. Separate the yolks from the whites of eggs. Put the orange juice, yolks of eggs, and sugar in a double pan, and cook gently until it thickens, stirring all the time. When ready pour into a bowl and place in refrigeration. Melt the gelatine in a little water or orange juice, and, when cool, add to the mixture in the basin. Place the basin in refrigerator and stir occasionally until on the point of setting. Whisk the whites of eaas to a very stiff froth, and fold lightly into the mixture.


2 dessertspoons gelatine 2 cups hot water 4 dessertspoons sugar 2 tablespoons coffee essence juice of 1 lemon

Dissolve gelatine in hot water, add sugar, coffee essence and lemon. Set in refrigerator over first layer, i.e., the white. (Coffee essence can be made by adding 1 tablespoon coffee to 1 cup water. Boil a few minutes and strain) .


2 dessertspoons gelatine 1 cup water 1 cup sugar 1 teaspoon peppermint pinch citric acid green colouring

Boil sugar, water, citric acid, and gelatine 30 minutes, then cool. Add peppermint and sufficient colouring to make mixture bright green. Mix thoroughly, pour into greased tin, set in refrigerator. Cut into squares and roll in crystal sugar.


4 or 5 penny sponge cakes raspberry or apricot jam 6 tablespoons sherry or 1 gill fruit syrup 2 tablespoons brandy *2- pint custard 1 pint cream

1 teaspoon vanilla essence 1 tablespoon sugar

Split the sponges, spread with jam and place on a flat dish. Put in ratafias. Pour the wine and brandy or fruit syrup over the sponge cakes, then pour over the custard and soak. Flavour, sweeten, and whip the cream. Force through a bag and pipe on top of custard and decorate as liked. Place in refrigerator until ready for serving.


pineapple cream sugar 2' lemon

Cut off the top of pineapple and scrape out inside. Sieve pulp and mix with an equal quantity of whipped cream, add lemon and freeze. Stand pineapple in dish and when time for serving, fill case with frozen mixture, replace top, and serve on dish surrounded by petits fours.


yolks of six eggs and one white

6 oz. pineapple

*2' pint cream

}2’ pint cream

i- lb. castor sugar

1 pint milk

brandy to flavour

Make a custard with egg and milk and sugar. Freeze to a soft consistency. Whip the cream and add the brandy. Add cream and fruit to custard and mix well. Save a little of the pineapple. Place the pudding in the mould and freeze. Keep the extra pineapple chilled in the refrigerator and serve round the pudding when turned ou.t.


3 oz. castor sugar

i pint cream

i oz. gelatine

rind and juice of 2 oranges

3 egg yolks

i gill warm water

tangerine quarters

Whisk yolks and sugar over hot water until thick and creamy. Fold half whipped cream into mixture, and then stiffly beaten whites. Add gelatine dissolved in warm water. Pour mixture into souffle dish and leave in refrigerator until set. When firm, decorate with chopped pistachio nuts and tangerine quarters.


4 large peaches 2 sponge cakes 2 oz. almonds

2 oz. finely chopped lemon peel 2 oz. sugar

2 tablespoons apricot jam

Cut the peaches in half and remove the stone and a little pulp. Chop the almonds, put them in a basin, and add the sugar, chopped peel, peach pulp and finely chopped sponge cake. Fill the peaches with the mixture and put the two halves together so that they look whole. Make a syrup of the apricot jam and some water. Put peaches on a baking sheet and pour syrup around. Sprinkle peaches freely with sugar and cook in a moderate oven for 1 0 minutes until the sugar has formed a crust over them. Chill and serve.


2- doz. apricot halves -4 pint lemon jelly if pint cream few drops vanilla essence chopped nuts

1 pint cream flavoured with syrup -4- teaspoon gelatine 1 teaspoon castor sugar colouring

Drain apricots thoroughly, cut into small pieces. Place in bottom of glasses. Cover with lemon jelly and allow to set. Heat 1 to 2 table-spoonsful lemon jelly in which the gelatine has been added until dissolved. Add whipped cream when this is cool. Pour a layer into each glass. Pipe on rose of whipped cream in centre (faintly tinted with carmine) . Sprinkle with chopped nuts. Place in refrigerator until ready for serving.


2 dessertspoons gelatine

2    cups hot water

3    dessertspoons sugar juice of 2 lemons sponge cake

3 bananas 3 passion fruits cochineal

Dissolve gelatine in hot water, add sugar, lemon juice and cochineal. Place in shallow dish, cut sponge cake into squares, pour in jelly, then cut bananas into rings and put on top of cake, and passion fruit on top of bananas. Make this in the dish it is to be served in. Set in refrigerator. Serve with cream or custard.


Soak 1 oz. gelatine in a little water and cold milk. Boil 2V cups of milk with a good cupful of water, about 6 tablespoons of honey and a generous sprinkling of cinnamon. Add the dissolved gelatine. When cool, pour in the well-beaten yolks of 4 eggs. Return to the hot plate and thicken without boiling. When thick, allow to cool, then add the well-beaten whites of eggs and a little vanilla if necessary. Stir thoroughly and turn into a wet mould to set. Delicious served with raw, grated pineapple.


1 2 tablespoons freshly ground first quality coffee "2* pint milk 1 pint cream

1    pint water few grains salt 5 oz. sugar

2    tablespoons gelatine 2 eggs

Infuse freshly ground coffee with the milk for about 10 minutes, keeping the temperature just below boiling point, and stirring from time to time. Then strain the milk through ty/o thicknesses of fine muslin. If preferred, a good coffee essence can be used instead of freshly ground coffee. Soak the gelatine in 2 tablespoons of cold water. Boil the sugar and water for 5 minutes, until a thick syrup is formed. Allow it to cool slightly, then stir in the water containing the dissolved gelatine. Beat the eggs for a few minutes, stir in the coffee and milk, which should be almost cold, add pinch of salt. Add the cooled syrup containing the gelatine to the mixture, and lastly whip the cream lightly and stir it in also. Put this mixture into trays, allow to get quite cold before placing in refrigerator. Leave for 1 hours; loosen the mixture around the edge of the tray and stir well. Continue to freeze until of the correct consistency.


1    lb. strawberries (sieved)

2    oz. castor sugar

I pint cream

1 tablespoon lemon juice

-4 oz. gelatine dissolved in 2 tablespoons water

Add dissolved gelatine and lemon juice and sugar to sieved fruit. Quick freeze to mush. Add whipped cream. Beat quickly. Quick freeze. Beat again; quick freeze until ready to serve.


30 marsh mallows \ pint cream -4- pint boiling water 1 tablespoon lemon juice 4 or 5 mashed bananas

Melt the marsh mallows in boiling water. Add the banana pulp and lemon juice. Cool. When quite cool and slightly thickened, combine with the cream, which has been whipped until stiff. Pour into trays of freezer and freeze without stirring.


1    pint milk

2    dessertspoons castor sugar 1 egg—2 extra yolks

1 teacup cream gelatine leaf

Soak gelatine in cold water. Boil the milk and allow to cool a little. Add the gelatine, then stir in the eggs very slowly and carefully into the milk. Add sugar and a little lemon extract to taste. Place in freezing tray until fairly firm.




Make syrup with 1 lb. loaf sugar and Id- pints water. Boil for 10 minutes after the sugar has dissolved. Mash up and rub through a sieve 1 lb. ripe strawberries and 4 lb. red currant. Add this to the prepared syrup and freeze for about 2 hours (water ice always takes longer than ice cream to freeze).


-4 lb. lump sugar ■Jr pint water -4- pint lemon juice 1 white of egg 4 oz. gelatine

A) / fruit juice can be used, or orange, etc. Less sugar to be used for fruits other than lemon. Rub rind of lemons with sugar. Dissolve all sugar in water and boil briskly for 5 minutes. Chill syrup. Add lemon juice and gelatine dissolved, quick freeze to mush at least 1 hour. Add beaten whites—quick freeze 1 hour, beat quickly. Quick freeze again for 2 hours.


1 pint milk ■4* cup sugar

1    tablespoon cornflour

2    eggs

1 teaspoon gelatine 1 tablespoon vanilla 1 cup heavy cream salt

Make a custard of the milk, sugar, cornflour, eggs and salt, add the gelatine which has been soaked in cold water. When cold, add vanilla and fold in stiffly beaten cream. Freeze in refrigerator for 4 hours stirring three times at half-hourly intervals.


1    quart milk cream vanilla

2    oz. cornflour 8 oz. sugar

Mix dry ingredients. Scald milk. Add dry ingredients and cook until thickened slightly. Whip cream and add in proportion of 1 cupful of mixture to 1 cupful cream. Pour into freezing tray and stir twice during freezing process. Refrigerator at full freeze.


-4- lb. marshmallows

2* pint milk

'2* pint cream

1    teaspoon vanilla

2    oz. cherries

3    slices pineapple

2 oz. chopped nuts

Put the milk on to warm with the marshmallows in it and when d:s-solved, cool, and add the whipped cream. Add the    vanilla    essence,

cherries, and pineapple, cut into fine pieces, the chopped nuts and a little sugar if required.    Blend    all    the

ingredients together,    put into    two

trays and freeze in the refrigerator. Allow to freeze for hour, stir the mixture well, and    return    to    the

refrigerator until sufficiently frozen.


2 pint strong cold coffee 1 pint cream -4 pint milk sugar syrup

Mix together and ice. Serve topped with sweetened whipped cream.


I quart boiling water 4 teaspoons tea 3 lemons

Pour boiling water over tea, cover closely, and let stand 5 minutes, strain. Put into tall glasses half-filled with refrigerator cubes, to each glass add one tablespoon lemon juice and thin slice lemon.


2 cups sugar

1    quart water

2    cups chopped pineapple

-2* cup lemon juice

I cup orange juice

Boil water, sugar and pineapple 20 minutes. Add fruit juices, cool, strain and add refrigerator cubes. Either fresh or canned pineapples may be used.


2' cup orange juice 4- cup lemon juice I cup grape juice 1 cup cider 2‘ cup sugar

Mix fruit juices and sugar, stir well, and pour over refrigerator cubes.


1    cup orange juice

2    cup lemon juice

1 -3 cup preserved ginger 2' cup sugar 1 quart cold water

Chop ginger, add water and sugar, and boil I 5 minutes. Add fruit juices, cool, strain and add refrigerator cubes.


1 lb. strawberries castor sugar juice of an orange wineglassful of rum an extra -V lb. strawberries for decorating brandy

To 1 lb. strawberries add 2 lb. sugar and the juice of 1 orange. Pass all through a hair sieve, then add 1 pint of water in which T 02. gelatine has been dissolved. Put in refrigerator to chill, then add wineglassful of rum. Place mixture into individual glasses; put in refrigerator to get thoroughly cold. Serve each glass topped with fresh strawberries which have been tossed in brandy.


4 oz. grated sweet chocolate 4 eggs

a little sugar to taste vanilla essence

Melt chocolate in a double saucepan, separate yolks from whites of eggs, add egg yolks to melted chocolate and heat well. When cool, stir in the stiffly whipped whites. Three-quarters fill fruit glasb and decorate top with whipped and chopped nuts, place in refrigerator to get thoroughly cold.


2\ cupfuls sugar

1    quart water

2    cupfuls fruit juice

6 oranges (juice)

6 lemons (juice)

1 pint grated pineapple

1    cupful strong tea

2    bottles aerated water

These quantities are sufficient for 1 6 to 20 people. Boil the sugar with the water for 2 minutes, and then chill syrup. Add the fruit juice, cherry, raspberry, and strawberry, the juice of oranges and lemons, the grated pineapples, fresh or tinned, and the strong tea. Just before serving add any kind of aerated water. This will not only improve the appearance of the fruit punch, but will add a "snap" to the taste. Pour over cracked ice when serving in small glasses.


3 lemons 3 oranges 3 cups sugar 3 egg whites 3 cups water

Mix all except egg whites together and chill. When thoroughly chilled add stiffly beaten egg whites and continue freezing.


2    cups water

1    small bunch mint

3    cups weak tea or ginger ale V cup lemon juice

2    cups orange juice

Boil sugar, water, and mint for 5 minutes. Chill. Add remaining ingredients; strain and freeze in refrigerator tray.


1 cup orange sections 1 cup white grapes 1 cup pineapple dice "2' cup orange juice 2- cup pineapple syrup few grains salt I cup sugar

Remove membrane from orange sections, and skins and seeds from grapes. Mix fruit, orange juice and pineapple syrup; add salt and sugar. Place in refrigerator until thoroughly chilled. Serve garnished with cherries.


4 cups water 4 cups sugar 1 egg white 1 2 cooked apricots juice of 4 oranges juice of 4 lemons

Boil water and sugar together for 20 minutes. Cool, and force cooked apricots through a sieve and add to the syrup. Add also the orange and lemon juice, then fold in stiffly beaten egg white. Pour into refrigerator trays to freeze. If desired, freeze in individual portions.

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