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Catalogue G.83 (amended) 1/10/36

The Walls of this home are lined with Wunderlich Imitation Rock-face Panels, painted and sanded to give the appearance of masonry.

No. 1147—Vermiculated Quoins, made No. 1046—Brick Sheeting, stamped in in Galvanised Steel, and stocked in two    Galvanised Steel, and stocked in sheets

sizes, viz., 1ft. 11 Jin. x lOJin. high,    6ft. x 3ft. (covering capacity, 5ft. 8Jin.

11 Sin. x lOJin. high.    x 2ft. 11 in.).

Wunderlich Bricksheeting and Rock-face panels are manufactured from galvanised steel, are fire resisting, weather and white ant proof, and cannot crack or warp. They are light in weight; and as they nest closely when packed, can be transported easily and cheaply. Any tradesman can fix them and when decorated they are indistinguishable from the material they represent.

Bricksheeting No. 1046 is made to work in with Quoins No. 1147 and Rockface panels No. 989. Three courses of the Brick pattern coincide in height with a Rockface panel or Quoin Block.

SUPPLIED IN SHEETS— lit. llin. wide x 5ft. 3in. high (6 blocks to the sheet).

5ft. 10in. wide x 3ft. 10Jin. wide x 1 ft. 11 Jin. wide x lft. 7Jin. wide x

10Jin. high (3 blocks 10 Jin. high (2 blocks 10Jin. high (1 block lOJin. high (1 block

to    a    sheet)    ;    lft.    4in.

to    a    sheet)    ;    lft.    2in.

to    a    sheet)    ;    lft.    lin.

to a sheet) ;    11 Sin.

wide x lOJin. high wide x lOJin. high wide x lOJin. high wide x lOJin. high


Wunderlich Exterior Sheetings, Roughcast Shingle Brick and Fish-scale are manufactured in heavy gauge Galvanised Steel. They are inexpensive in initial cost, light in weight, economical to transport, and can be erected by inexperienced labour. Their application covers a wide field.

Roughcast and Brick Sheeting both demonstrate the utility of metal as a lining for the exterior of wood - frame buildings. Shingle and Fish - scale patterns also form an effective wall covering but their principal use is as a Roofing to small Turrets, Attics, etc.

Other applications of Galvanised Exterior Sheetings include the decorations of gables, treatments under Bay Windows and the lining of balcony fronts.

All the Patterns shown are stamped in Sheets 6ft. x 3ft„ whilst in addition, Patterns Nos. 189 and 1045 are available in 6ft. x 2ft. sheets.

The covering capacity of each of the various 6ft. x 3ft. sheets is :—

1045— 5ft. 8Jin. x 2ft. 11 in. 1504—5ft. lOin. x 2ft. 9in.

1046— 5ft. SJin. x 2ft. llin. 190—5ft. lOfin. x 2ft. 9Jin. 189—6ft. llin. x 2ft. lOJin. 751—5ft. lOin. x 2ft. Si in.

Wunderlich Galvanised Window Hoods are suitable for use on all types of buildings.

The illustration on the left represents a Window Hood of special design. This hood is made to order only to sizes furnished by the client; it is supplied in one complete unit ready for erecting into position.

Window Hoods of stock design that are available for immediate delivery are illustrated below.

These Window Hoods are always forwarded in parts and are assembled on the job by means of bolts and nuts which we provide. Bolt holes are punched in brackets and sheeting before despatch.

Window Hood, No. 1422, consists of two brackets and a fish-scale pattern hood ; with the addition of a frieze (as illustrated) where desired for decorative purposes.

Window Hood, No. 1330, consists of two brackets and fish-scale hood sheeting.

No. 1432—Stock Length, 6ft Projection of Bracket, 28in. Height of Bracket, 31 in.

A similar design, No. 1345, with brackets of the same height, but a projection of 23in., is also available.

Extreme rigidity is given to the fish-scale sheet by the rolled front edge.

No. 1330—Stock Length, 6ft. Projection of Bracket, 18Jin. Height of Bracket, 30in.

No. 1345—Also available similar in design and with the same depth of bracket; but a projection of 23in.

We forward Hoods in stock lengths of 6ft. If shorter Hoods are required simply snip off the surplus Hood sheeting and re-drill holes for bolts ; or when ordering, advise us of the width of the window opening and we will cut to the required size before despatch.

The Window Hoods are fixed by means of screws through lugs which we attach to the rear flange of the brackets.

The Hood sheet has a plain turned-up flange at the back which forms a flashing against the wall.

Hoods longer than the stock size of 6ft., also special Hoods for Bay Windows, etc., are obtainable to order.

“hurricane” skylights

Wunderlich “ Hurricane ” Skylights offer an inexpensive yet effective means of providing light and, if needed, ventilation in a


Unhinged Skylight, No. 1516, is suitable for positions where light only is desired. Where ventilation is occasionally required, use Skylight No. 1515. The glazed portion is hinged to


Wunderlich “ Hurricane ” Skylights are strongly constructed of galvanised steel, are light in weight, thoroughly weatherproof, and easy to fix and glaze. They require no paint or putty, and as their construction provides an ample provision for expansion and contraction, the likelihood of the glass breaking is reduced to a minimum. The glass is held in position by strong metal clips.

Wunderlich “ Hurricane ” Skylights are supplied in the following stock sizes, the measurements given being “ glass sizes ” :—

3ft. 6in. x 1ft. 6in.    3ft. x 2ft.

4ft. x 2ft.    4ft. x 3ft.

Special Skylights can be made to order.

All Skylights are supplied either ready for fitting to a sheet of corrugated iron, or fitted to a corrugated sheet of any desired stock length. Unless otherwise ordered, Skylights are supplied glazed with T%in. mill-rolled glass.

Ventilating Skylight, No. 1379, is made hinged and also unhinged. Either type is suitable for use where both light and ventilation are permanently required.

The illustrations show Skylights ready for fitting to a sheet of corrugated iron.

Stock Skylights are suitable for corrugated iron roofs, but we can supply them to order, at an additional

cost, for other roofs.


No. 1482—Open Vent. Size : 9in. x 6in.

For internal walls.

Also available hit or miss with knob No. 1480, with swivel No. 1481. No. 1752.—Open Vent. Size : 9in. x 3in.

No. 1518—Open Vent. Size : 9in. x 6in.

For internal walls.

No. 1695. -— Stamped Zinc Open Ventilator. Size : 9in. x 6in. For internal walls.

No. 1690. — Stamped Zinc Open Ventilator. Size : 9in. x 6in. For internal walls.

No. 966—Open Vent. Size : 9in. x 3in.

For internal walls. Also available hit or miss with knob No. 967, with swivel No. 147.



No. 142—Louvre. Size : 9in. x 6in. For external walls.

No. 1772—Cast. Size overall : lOin. x 3in. Size of opening: 9in. x 3in.

No. 830—Open Vent. Size 12in. x 6in. For internal walls.

No. 965—Louvre. Size : 9in. x 6in. For external walls.

No. 1760—Cast. Size overall: 9|in. x 3|in. Size of opening : 9in. x 3in.

The sizes mentioned are the sizes of the opening in the wall, and not the over-all dimensions of the Ventilators (No. 1760 and No. 1772 excepted).

Nos. 1480, 1481, 1482, 1518 and 1752 are supplied ready for use in steel painted white; 830, 966, 967, 147, 1695 and 1699 in plain zinc ; No. 142 in plain galvanised steel; Nos. 121 and 965 in plain cast zinc ; No. 1704 in plain copper ; and Nos. 1760 and 1772 cast in any metal as desired.

More elaborate Ventilators of Stainless Steel, Cast Bronze inlaid with Vitreous Enamels, Cast Brass, Silverite, Aluminium Alloy and other metals, also Chromium-plated finish, can be seen at our Showrooms.


No. 823—15in. wide. Stock lengths of 6ft. Galvanised Ventilating Ridging.

No. 824—15in. wide. Stock lengths of 6ft. Galvanised Ventilating Ridging.

No. 815—Updraft Cowl of Spun Zinc with galvanised shaft.

Stock sizes : 3in. to 18in. shaft.

No. 1519—Improved Inlet Vent.

Size: 9in. x 6£in.

No. 1520—Galvanised Outlet Vent, with Baffle Plate and Weighted Shutter.

Stock sizes :—

9in. x 6£in.

12in. x 6|in.

Min. x 6£in.

Stock sizes : 4in. to 18in. shaft.

No. 1521—Galvanised Inlet Vent, with Hinged or Fixed Hoppers.

Stock sizes :—

9in. x 6£in.

12in. x 6Jin.

14in. x 6|in.

No. 1721.    l{"

Size, If" x li" "

No. 1722. IT

Size, 1 {" x 1J" v-


•*« »*# •'« **« **« *?« «*« •'«

»¡* »,» »¡« »¡»    »¡» »¡« »J«



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No. 1693.—Zinc : Stock size, 3ft. x 2ft.

No. 1581.    31"

Size, 3}" x 3.1". I

No. 1725. if

Size, IJ" x ¥■ I


No. 1726.    4".

Size, 4" x l". I

«< »>


No.    1590—Steel :    Stock    size,    6ft.    x    2ft.

No.    1590A—Galv.    :    Stock    size,    6ft.    x    2ft.

No.    1585—Zinc:    Stock    size,    3ft.    x    2ft.

No. 1728.—Zinc : Stock size, 6ft. lOin. x 18Jin.

• r

No. 1727.    31"

Size, 31" x 31". I


^tr Jf nlr    -tir -itnr tir -tir    W


Ventilating Freizes are supplied in suitable lengths in sheet brass, copper, bronze, nickel silver, and steel either in natural colour or polished, or oxidised. No. 1726 is also available in stainless steel.

No. 1367—Steel : Stock size, 6ft. x 2ft. No. 1367A—Galvanised Steel : Stock size, 6ft. x 2ft.

Illustrations represent 2ft. x 1ft.



No. l ;{;{<!—Cross, with Embossed Ornaments. Made in Galvanised Iron and Zinc Height. 4ft. ; width. 30in.


No. 047—Galvanised Iron Scroll-end Finial (double faced). Height, 11 in. Made to slip over ordinary Roll Ridge.

No. 265. Height, 3ft. 3in,


No. 262. Height, 5ft. 2in.

No. 268. Height, 2ft. 3in.

No. 514. Height, 6ft. 9in.

Weather Vanes are fitted with bearings of two superimposed glass marbles that reduce friction to a


Examples of Spun Zinc or Copper Finials are to be seen in all Wunderlich Showrooms.

No. 5 Glazing Bar is of sturdy construction, and is available in lengths up to 20ft., but the maximum safe span without intermediate support underneath, is about 6ft. The Bar comprises a painted mild steel tee section with zinc top and under capping. The capping is designed to counteract expansion and contraction caused by extremes of heat and cold, also vibration, consequently the risk of broken glass is reduced to a minimum.

Copper cappings are available, at additional cost.

The Glazing Bars are secured to ridge and wall plate by means of screws through the flanges of the tee iron. The glass is held in position by a footplate attached to the bottom end of each Bar. No. 5 Bar can be either “ unstepped ” (to suit a single sheet of glass) or “ stepped ” (for overlapping sheets of glass).

It is necessary that clients should state the exact length of Glazing Bar required, and at what distances, from top and bottom of the bars, screw holes for fixing are to be drilled.

Wunderlich Glazing Bars are ideal for Roof Lights, Glass - houses, Studios, Sawtooth roofs, and in fact wherever the object in view is an abundance of roof light.

Wunderlich Glazing Bars form a weather-proof area for all time as their design and construction obviate the use of perishable caulking mediums, putty, etc.

Glazing Bars are on exhibit in all Wunderlich Showrooms.

No. 6 Glazing Bar consisting of galvanised steel undercapping and zinc top capping.

View of top end.

No. 6 Glazing Bar is an y    economical Bar suitable

for use without intermediate support,    on

areas where the    span

J    does not exceed    6ft.

   For larger areas    No.

5 Glazing Bar should be used. No. 6 Bar comprises a strong galvanised steel undercapping, and a zinc top capping. The former is of sufficient rigidity to obviate the use of a Tee Iron Section.

Cast Brass Top and Bottom fittings as illustrated are secured to each length. The lugs are drilled £in. from the top and 3£in. from the bottom of the Bar to take screws for fixing to the Ridge or Wall plate.

The vertical lug of the bottom fitting holds the glass in position.    fl

No. <> Glazing Bar, View of bottom end.

When ordering, state the exact lengths of the Bars required.

Wunderlich Glazing Bars are a modern improvement on the old-fashioned wooden bars in glass Roof Construction.

They obviate the use of putty and other perishable caulking compounds and are weatherproof and fire resisting.

We gladly submit, free of cost, designs and estimates for complete installations to roof lights, glass-houses, etc.


Recent innovations in the design of Metal Lettering for Advertising and Display are shown in the representative examples illustrated on the left. These Modern Letters are produced in metal by various methods. They may be built up or cut out of the solid, or cast or stamped. Metals of every description can be used ranging from galvanised steel or zinc—which are the least expensive — to copper, bronze, brass and nickel silver. Even more effective is the modern metal “ stainless steel,” which retains its high polish permanently.

Beautiful colour effects are obtained by polishing, lacquering, oxidising, etc., and the selection of any particular metal depends on the class of finish desired. These letters are available in virtually any design and size.

For further particulars, especially as regards Cast Bronze Enamelled Letters, send for our Catalogue,

‘ Colour in Wunderlich Products.”


No. 1299—Cast Roman—Bronze or Brass.

No. 1652—Cast Roman—Zinc.

No. 1298—Built Roman—Copper or Brass.

No. 373—Built Roman—Zinc.

The three period types of lettering illustrated, viz., Block, Roman and Renaissance, are available from stock either cast or built up from sheet metal. Sizes range from 6in. to Din. high for cast letters (in the case of Renaissance 2in. to 18in. high), and from 5in. to 24in. for built letters. Numerals, Commas, Stops, etc., are stocked to suit all sizes.

These letters are supplied complete with requisite fastenings—rag bolts for fixing to brick, stone or concrete, clips or tabs for attaching to timber, and bolts and nuts for securing to metal fascias. stallboards, etc. Clients are requested to specify the fixings required. Also state if the faces of the letters are to be “ as cast,” emeried, polished, oxidised or verte patina finish.

Representative collections of metal letters are on view at all the Wunderlich Showrooms.


For further particulars of Nameplates, send for our Catalogue, “ Colour in Wunderlich Products.”


Incised Bronze Ivory Enamelled Nameplate. Size 13in. x 4Jin.

Representative collections of Bronze Nameplates with fadeless colourful vitreous enamel infils are on view at all Wunderlich Showrooms.


Advertising devices, display signs, plaques, trays, ashtrays, etc., are made to suit clients’ requirements. They are stamped in sheet metal—steel, galvanised iron, zinc, copper, bronze and stainless steel, according to the finish desired. Stamped Shields and Heraldic Coats of Arms are available in stock sizes. Send for illustrated leaflet, examples of stamped metal work at' any of the Wunderlich Showrooms.

Terra Cotta Roofing accessories are patterned to fit Wunderlich Tiles. They are made in standard colours of Red, Chocolate and Brown, with either unglazed or glazed finishes.

No. 6227. Half Round Ridge.


No. 6195a 22in. high, including hood.

No. 6245. 25in. high, including hood

No. 6191.

1 lin. high.

No. 6192a 16in. high, including hood.

Wunderlich stock Terra Cotta Chimney Pots are available in two standard colours, viz.. Red or Brown, with either unglazed or glazed finishes.



Wunderlich Colortex Brickettes are small wire-cut bricks specially made for fireplace construction, in sizes ¿¿in. x lj-in. x 3in. Full glazed, flashed and unglazed Brickettes are available in ordinary clay. Colours include, Red, Brown, Chocolate, Yellow, Orange, Purple and a variety of blends of Autumn Tints.

Fireclay Brickettes are made of heat-resisting clays in colours ranging from yellow to smoky brown.

Blue Prints, showing designs of Brickette Fireplaces, will be furnished on request.

Call and inspect displays of Brickettes at the nearest Wunderlich Showroom.

bll'DMif lAlundM'truklOO'tf




Wunderlich Salt Glazed Stoneware Pipes and Fittings are thoroughly tested for all Sewerage and Drainage purposes. They are perfectly smooth and faultlessly fitting. The pipes are available in standard sizes—4in., 6in„ 9in. and 12in., in 2-ft. lengths ; fittings are made to suit. A representative range of fittings is shown. Any other articles in Stoneware not illustrated can be seen at the Wunderlich Showrooms.


Inside Diameter.

Approx. No. of Pipes Per Ton.







Plan diagram, showing available inlets and outlets.