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Wunderlich Art Metal Ceilings

HEN you plan your






Diaper No. 1562

home, let the Ceil-ings be one of your first thoughts, as nothing can compensate for an inferior Ceiling treatment. It is an eyesore that spoils the appearance of rooms.

Variety of Designs

Avoid this possibility — take a safe course—by installing Wunderlich Art Metal Ceilings. From amongst the abundance and variety of designs we offer, you are certain to select an appropriate and artistic treatment for your Home.

Steel Diaper Sheetings

For rooms of limited area, you cannot improve on the Diaper patterns displayed on this page. They are stamped in Wunderlich paint-protected steel, and are available in

Sheets 6ft. by 2ft.

Each illustration shows a portion of the pattern measuring 2ft. by 2ft.

Stocked Locally

Probably your local supplier of building materials stocks some of these patterns—ask him. For the larger rooms in your Home we recommend steel panellings, as illustrated on pages 4 and 5.

Diaper No. 1627

Wunderlich Art Metal Ceilings

Permanently Attractive, Low-priced, Easy to Instal

OUR eyes can tell you how much you enhance the appearance of rooms, when you instal Wunderlich Art Metal Ceilings — but only Time can reveal the other benefits these Ceilings offer you.

Fire-resisting ; will not crack or flake

Once fixed in position, they will never crack, flake, rot or fall down. White ants cannot harm them, nor will vermin find any refuge in the tight-fitting joints. Being made of steel, they cannot burn. On many occasions, these Ceilings have prevented fire from spreading to floors above.

Low-priced ; Easily Installed

Added to all these virtues, is the decided economy of the material. As enquiry will prove, our prices are really moderate. Furthermore, the material transports compactly — therefore cheaply — and can be erected very simply. Each sheet fits the next, accurately and mechanically.

Readily Applied over Faulty Plaster

For old, as well as new structures, these Ceilings are highly suitable, as they can be applied right over faulty plaster or lining boards, with practically no disturbance of the existing surfaces — no dust or dirt.

Steel Cornices and Mouldings

Supplied in Stock Lengths of 6ft.


No. 1493 —2,fins Girth

—m —-- j ■■    i ■■.....i

No. 878 — 3ins Girth


Stamped Wall and Ceiling Ventilators



■ /







A rich Ceiling Treatment in the Living Room

Above is illustrated Complete Ceiling 6019

Artistic Designs for

every Ceiling Purpose

Above is illustrated Complete Ceiling 6013

OR the smaller

the Home






rooms in the Home, we recom-•Cl mend a treatment such as is shown in the Kitchen (see picture below, at left). Ideal Diaper patterns for this purpose are displayed on page 2, and suitable cornices on page 3 of this booklet.

Larger rooms, such as the Living Room and best Bedroom, look more pleasing when treated with a Steel

Panelling, of which five popular designs are displayed below. To complete the Ceiling, it is necessary to employ a moulding and cornice (see the range ot designs on page 3). A border pattern should be used also, between the moulding and the cornice, to obviate the cutting of the panelling. (See the above illustrations of complete Ceilings, showing panelling, moulding, border pattern and cornice.)

The Patterns illustratedfbelow are supplied in Sheets measurin

The pictures portray portions measuring 2ft by 2ft

Simple Wunderlich Diaper patterns arc ideal for the Kitchen. Apart from their neatness, these Ceilings are hygienic, as they do not harbour vermin

There arc appropriate Wunderlich designs for every room in the Home. This Dining Room is treated with an enriched panelling of tasteful design

Wunderlich Steel Wall Linings

Lined with Art Metal,

ST|HE unique qualities that recommend Wunderlich Art 1 Metal Ceilings are found also in Wunderlich Steel Wall Linings. Not only are the designs exceptionally artistic, but the material itself is highly suitable for the purpose, being hygienic and easily kept free from dust or

tarnish. _


Bathrooms,Kitchens, etc. Wunderlich Galvanised Steel Wall Linings are avail-gjn able in 6ft. x 2ft. Sheets patterned to

__- resemble Wall Tiles.

Illustrated are Patterns No. 1591 (6in. x 2in. Tiles) and No. 1662 — 4in. x 4in. Tiles.

The illustration on the left hand side shows a complete walling treatment to a Bathroom comprising No. 1591 Tile Sheeting to Dado Height, No. 205 Dado Mold, and No. 173 Beaded Wall Lining.

Nail the metal sheets direct to lin-— ■■ ing boards or battens. Paint with enamel to provide a clean sanitary permanent washable finish.

The illustrations of Wall Linings show portions 2ft. x 2ft., and each design is made in sheets 6ft. x 2ft.

No. 1591—Tile Pattern.

No. I 662 —Tile Pattern

How to Fix Wunderlich Art Metal

GENERAL REMARKS: The following instructions relate to the fixing of a ceiling made up of a diaper sheeting (see page 2) and a steel cornice (as shown on page 3). In the case of ceilings involving a moulding and border, the procedure is on the same principle, but if any difficulty is likely to be encountered in the fixing, we shall be glad to furnish a working drawing for your guidance.

TOOLS: The tools required are hammer, bradawl, punch, pair of tinsmith's snips, saw, chalk line and rule.


batten to take the bottom of cornice should be fixed to a bevelled ground, in the case of new buildings, and the walls should be floated before the cornice is applied. In old buildings, the walls should be plugged and the batten fixed to the plugs. These preparations are unnecessary where the walls are timber-lined.

BATTEN SIZES : The batten to take the bottom of cornice measures 1 % inches by % inch. All other battens in the ceiling are usually 1J inches wide by I inch thick (oregon pine), and are spaced at intervals of 12 inches, centre to centre.

FIXING THE BATTENS: Mark on the joist nearest the wall, at each end of the room, the position of the centre. Strike a chalk line from end to end, using these marks as a guide. This chalk line indicates the centre of the ceiling. Fix a batten along this line, remembering that the line marks the position of the CENTRE of the batten.

Space other battens parallel to this, at intervals of 12 inches ; but bear in mind that the batten to take the top of the cornice and the extreme edges of the diaper ceiling should be fixed parallel to the WALL. Allow all these battens to run right through, from wall to wall.

Now cut in cross battens (skew nailed) to take the ends of the sheets and the top member of the cornice that runs parallel to the joists.

Fix wooden brackets (obtainable from us or from your local timber merchant) under all cornice joints, and at mitre angles, for the close nailing of the laps and the mitres.

CORNICE: The cornice is fixed first. At angles, allow one length of the cornice to butt up to the wall, scribing the opposite length to it. Cover the joint with a mitre leaf (made by us for right-angled and octagonal mitres), using a little putty on the edge of the leaf before pressing it into the angle. Nail the leaf to battens and bracket.

If there is a chimney breast in the room, start the fixing of the cornice at that point, working from the centre, so that the external mitres correspond.

SHEETING : When the cornice is in position, proceed with the fixing of the sheets according to the spacing of the battens. Work away from the centre of the room, leaving the outer edge of the sheets to be trimmed to the cornice line.

Temporarily tack the sheets in position before completing the nailing, so that they can be adjusted if not in perfect line. When all sheets are nailed home, go over the joints with a small blunt tool, and tuck the edges so that they lie close and even.

WALL LININGS: These materials are attached to battens fixed to plugs in the brick wall; or nailed to wood studs ; but it is advisable that the lower three feet of the metal sheeting be attached to lining boards, in lieu of battens. If the Ceilings are also of metal, they should be fixed first.

Fix the battens after the method recommended for Ceilings, bearing in mind that it is essential to balance the pattern as accurately as possible at each end of every wall. A batten should be placed under the centre of the sheet, and under each joint.

ANGLE STRIPS: We supply special angle strips for corners of rooms. These are fixed first, and the wall lining is trimmed up to them. The catalogue numbers are No. 1368 (for external angles) ; and No. 1369 (for internal angles).

PAINTING: When erected, the metal material should be given at least two coats of paint, on top of the film of paint with which the steel is primed before it leaves our works. On no account should water paints or distemper be used—only the best oil paint. The final coat should contain three parts of turps to one of oil, so as to produce a flatted appearance.

The drawing below illustrates the method of fixing a ceiling composed of steel diaper, cut up to a cornice. Note the bevelled ground, fixed to the brick wall, and the 1J inch by \ inch batten at bottom of cornice —nailed to this bevelled ground. The batten to take top of cornice is set out parallel to the wall. All other battens shown are set out parallel to the centre line of the ceiling, and are spaced at 12 inch intervals, centre to centre, from that line.





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Durabestos Building Sheets

Terra Cotta Roofing Tiles

For Walls and Ceilings
Colourful and Permanent

LL you can possibly wish for in a roofing is embodied in Wunderlich Terra Cotta Roofing Tiles. They possess a rare beauty that never

JAKE use of Wunderlich Asbestos. Cement Building Sheets (the trade name is •' DÜRABESTOS") to  line the Exterior and Interior Walls of any wood-frame structure you build — whether it be a cottage, store, office, barn or garage. Use these Sheets also, for Ceilings, if you like plain, simple effects.

In this way you will make a considerable saving, as the Sheets are cheaper than timber linings, just as easy to saw and nail, and only require painting where extra decorative effect is desired.

Nothing else, used for the same purpose, is as tough and rigid as these Sheets. They are composed of asbestos-fibre and Portland cement—two imperishable materials. Unlike timber, they cannot flake, sag, rot, burn or warp.

Probably your local supplier of building materials stocks these Sheets — ask him. They are made in Sheets from 4ft. to 10ft. long, in both 3ft. and 4ft. widths. Two thicknesses are available, viz. :— 3/16ths of an inch (For Exterior Walls). 5/32nds of an inch (For Interior Walls).

(Note.—These thicknesses are nominal.) diminishes. Being composed of clay, burnt to a flint-like hardness, they are everlasting. Without any need for painting or repairs, they shelter the Home for all time against the weather.

You can obtain these Tiles in various colours — tones of red and chocolate, as well as buff and brown. Striking results are possible if two or more colours are intermingled in the roof, to produce a blended-colour effect.

Roofing with Wunderlich Terra Cotta Tiles, you pay very little more than for drab, old-fashioned materials. In the long run, you benefit considerably, as a Tiled Roof seldom needs repairing. It always retains a look of newness that assures a good price at any time you may wish to sell your Home.

Why not call at our Showrooms and inspect the fine displays of Tiles we have on view. We can quote you for a Tiled roof, fixed on your Home by our own workmen.