Metal Domes and Ventilators, Sydney Hospital. Introductory.

THE illustrations from photographs of our metal work and its application to buildings in which the most perfect hygienic conditions are neccs-saiy, we trust will show one of the most important purposes to which stamped sheet metal can be successfully adapted.

To members of the Architectural, Medical and Dental professions, we hope the contents of this little publication may act as a îemindcr to communicate with us when new work is under consideration.


Manufacturers of Stamped Sheet Metal Work for Decorative Purposes,

SYDNEY : Showrooms, 56 Pitt St.; postal address, Box 474G.P.O. MELBOURNE : 243 Collins St.; Box 375 G.P.O.

ADELAIDE: m-119 Currie St.; Box 301 G.P.O.

PERTH : Lord and Short Streets, East Perth ; Box 383 G.P.O. BRISBANE: 363-365 Queen St.

HOBART : Club Chambers, Collins St. LAUNCESTON: 71 St. John’s St. WELLINGTON, N.Z. : Newtown {Works).

Agents for N.Z. : Briscoe & Co., Wellington, Auckland, Dunedin, Christchurch Invercargill.

Agencies throughout the Commonwealth, India, China and Japan,




Rounded angles and coved ceilings, with a bead and lap joint forming a perfect surface for ceilings and walls.

Germ resisting material complying with the highest sanitary requirements. It is light, strong and easily fixed.



THE appearance of the Reception; Room is the keynote to your business, not only the patient but their friends are influenced by their first impressions; does your room do justice to your business? The Wunderlich Art Metal Ceilings and Wall Linings will give a room character and charm; cool, clean surfaces of artistic designs in per-nianent ¡materials that lend themselves admirably to decorative purposes.

If you desire a modern room of attractive design, send us particulars and sizes; we employ a staff of skilled Artist designers who will prepare for you plans and estimates free of cost; our twenty years’ experience is at your service, our business is to suit your requirements and supply your needs. A room lined with Wunderlich materials will impress your clients and give you the satisfaction of possessing artistic surroundings at a nominal cost.

NOTE.—One half ton of Wunderlich Steel Ceiling Sheets cover 2160 super, feet, nearly three times the area of the same weight of wood lining boards.

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WALLS and Ceilings lined with the Wunderlich Stamped Metal Sheets are proverbial for cleanliness; they comply with the highest sanitary requirements.

For their durability, safety and fire-resisting qualities they are highly commended by the Medical and Architectural profession. They present a finished surface that can be cleaned down with soap and water. Each section of the work is protected with a lap joint, bead fits over bead forming a complete cover, so that the work forms one perfect surface without crack or crevice on walls, ceiling or angles of the room. The surface of the finished work will not deteriorate by the effects of climatic changes, settlement of buildings, or of earth tremors, etc. Being non-absorbent, no dust or germs can harbor therein, it is proof against gases, vermin, and fire-resisting. Light in weight it can be packed in a small compass, the transport charges are moderate. The metal material for a ceiling of a small ward or ordinary room costs from 30/- to 60/-.

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No. 173.

Vertical beaded sheeting for walls or dado, stock size sheets 6 ft. x 2 ft. and 8 ft. x 2 ft.


Metal Cornices, Border Molds, Angle Strips, Skirtings and Architrave, are fireproof and any tradesman can fix them.

Sec instructions in Catalogue POST FREE.


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Section B. Plan of Corner, 6 in. tadius.

e rloor. j Section C.

Elevation of Skirting piece.

Tile Floor.

Section A. Cornice, 3Ì11., 6in. and 15Ì11 radii.

METHOD OF FIXING The Wunderlich Materials can be fixed to a frame building on battens or over existing brick or stone walls by plugging and battening same.

Ceiling and Wall sheets are made in stock sizes of 6 ft. x 2 ft., while vertical wall linings are also obtainable in sizes of 8 ft. x 2 ft.

Coved Cornices as illustrated (Section A), are made in three sizes: the base or skirting piece (Section C) forms a clean curved finish from wall on to floor, there being no crevice ledge or angle for the accumulation of dust. Finished with a coat of enamel paint the surface can be cleaned down with soap and water. No harbor for germs or dust, a bathroom can always be kept sweet and clean.


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No. 220. Brick Sheeting supplied in sheets 6ft. x 2ft.

for interiors. A perfect lining for bathrooms, kitchens, etc.

No. 1046. Brick Sheet in Galvanised Steel supplied in sheets 6ft. x 2ft. Ilin.;

covering 5ft. 8'4in. x 2ft. Ilin.

for exterior work.

In the Home, Hospital or Schools the Wunderlich Metal Ceilings and Linings meet all requirements where perfect cleanliness and wear resisting qualities are desired.

Non-absorbent ambtherefore germ-resisting.

Illustrated Catalogue and Price List with full directions how to fix and decorate Wunderlich materials FREE on request from any Branch or Agent.

Write for one—Department Z., 52.

WUNDERLICH LIMITED, Manufacturers, Head Office and Works, Baptist Street, Redfern,    Sydney, Australia,

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