AVE you thought how appropriate a greetings telegram is for almost any social occasion . . . how specially suitable it is for use on the occasion of a birth, or for a birthday, a betrothal or a wedding, a holiday, an anniversary, a sporting victory, or a success at school or elsewhere?

A greetings telegram is delivered on an ornamental form enclosed in an envelope to match. The gay colours on the form and the bright envelopes give added pleasure to your happy thought.

There are six designs of greetings telegrams available for your use at no additional charge . . . Social, Birthday, Congratulatory, Mothers' Day, Easter and Christmas and New Year.

To the business man, too, the greetings telegram is specially attractive, offering, as it does through its personal approach, the unique opportunity of establishing and maintaining the goodwill of customers.

In the following pages the several types of ornamental telegram stationery are illustrated. Imagine the appeal these have when used on occasions for which they are appropriate. Nothing else takes the place of the telegram for conveying a message of greetings or congratulations.

To send one of these telegrams write your message on the usual form, available at any Post Office, adding the word "greeting” immediately before the address. If a telephone subscriber, you need merely to call "Telegrams" and dictate your message to the attendant, specifying the particular form on which you wish your telegram delivered.

‘^Modern HD ays

(fM.ode.rn 'Ways

^ CAPTURE the spiritjof romance of a by-gone day w the Social Telegram. To convey an invitation—to say Good-bye or Welcome Home"—this special stationery provides that ‘something different," adding, "(charm and personality to your message.


j “Svery "Day

is Someone's birthday

£VERY day—today—tomorrow, or the next day, is someone's birthda'y-^^rhaps that of your best friend or, maybe, someone nearer and dearer.

A Birthday Greeting—by Telegram—costs so little— and it means so much. Envelopes to matc^^^iourse.

‘ ‘ Congratulations are

cAlways Welcome

HE successes of life and the pleasure of achievement are made the more enjoyable by the receipt of prompt and hearty congratulations. This bright and colourful telegram form is ideal for this purpose. A message of congratulation by telegram is so personal—it means so much—and yet it costs so little.

cA traditional Qreeting

Christmas Greeting telegram appeals to young and old—tojfcasl in every walk of life—it is the age-old wish in a

"A Merry Christmas and a Bright New Year"-—-by Telegram—is a greeting which everyqne loves fo receive. The usual low telegram rates apply.

It’s e^Klother’s 'TDay

"VOU may be hundreds or even thousands of miles from Mother n'<S*t‘ Mothers' Day. Don't let her feel forgotten, for she will be thinking of you—send her a greeting telegram—bright and cheerful in its a


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cA Season of Sffope

RASTER is the season of hope and quiet rejoicing when our thoughts turn with affection to our friends and loved ones with the wish that peace and prosperity may attend them through the days to come.

The Easter Greeting Telegram, with its intimate and personal appeal, is an attractive medium for conveying your greetings at Eastertide.

SOCIAL telegram will make the fond "Farewell" or "Welcome Home" a brighter and happier message—

Anne, just starting school, will be thrilled by her first birthday greeting telegram—

Jack, on his coming of age, will look forward to congratulations by telegram—

Mother will be happier on "her day" if you send her a greetings telegram—

At Christmas time there comes good cheer — and a Christmas greeting telegram—

And when the Church bells chime at Easter time there's a greetings telegram that expresses the age-old sentiments.

The telegraph service is an attractive and useful amenity in social life, and a necessity of the highest importance in the world of business. It is a potential link between every person and every place. There are easily accessible means of sending telegrams, rapid transmission to the office of destination and a well-organised delivery service.