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Digital Me, Digital Us: Curious, Critical & Creative Teacher Guide

posted on 2018-01-01, 00:00 authored by Catherine BeavisCatherine Beavis, Michele GrossmanMichele Grossman, Amanda Keddie, Toija CinqueToija Cinque, Luci PangrazioLuci Pangrazio, M Vergani, Christopher Andrew Speldewinde
The materials we have developed for this project are focused explicitly on supporting digital literacy and critical thinking to equip students to question, challenge and transform discriminatory, harmful and coercive online and offline contexts, texts and discourses. These resources and materials are aligned with and build on the capabilities that are embedded
across the Victorian Curriculum: critical and creative thinking, ethical capability, intercultural capability and personal and social capability. They also build on and complement the long history of critical literacy in the English curriculum; the focus on identity, culture and belonging in subjects like SOSE (Studies of Society and Environment) and Citizenship Education and the interpretation and production of multimodal texts in Media Education. Consistent with our national schooling goals, we are focused on building active and informed citizens (MCEETYA, 2008). This means fostering a sense of belonging and legitimacy, social justice and equity, participation and self-worth.



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