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Liberty beyond neo-liberalism: a republican critique of liberal governance in a globalising age

posted on 2005-01-01, 00:00 authored by Steven SlaughterSteven Slaughter
Steven Slaughter examines whether liberals can govern in a way that promotes liberty and moderates the significant social dislocation associated with neo-liberalism and economic globalisation. This book critically evaluates the potential of various liberal arguments to adequately address the harmful social aspects of economic globalisation in three distinct stages. First, it examines the configuration of contemporary economic globalisation and the consequences of this process for liberal thought and governance. Second, it examines contemporary liberal approaches by critically examining a series of liberal texts that provide practical alternative schemes of governance. Third, in finding these contemporary liberal arguments insufficient to the task of a socially responsible regulation of economic globalisation, the book concludes with an innovative scheme that stems from neo-Roman republican political theory.
This alternate approach is termed global civic republicanism and seeks to retrieve the public and civic character of the state in order to provide its citizens protection from economic vulnerability and thereby constitute a resilient form of individual liberty. As such, the philosophical and practical resources that support the idea of republican states are outlined and contrasted with cosmopolitan modes of thought. The legacy of republican ideas in respect to political economy, world politics and global governance are also examined.



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Ch. 1. A critical account of globalisation -- Ch. 2. The neo-liberal infrastructure of economic globalisation -- Ch. 3. Liberalism and the consequences of economic globalisation -- Ch. 4. Extended neo-liberalism : governing without the state -- Ch. 5. Contractual nationalism : governing through the nation-state -- Ch. 6. Cosmopolitan governance : building global democracy -- Ch. 7. Global civic republicanism : retrieving the state -- Ch. 8. Good government in a global age.

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