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Melbourne Metro Rail Project : MMR-AJM-UGAA-RP-NS-002236 Stations: Biophilic Design Guidelines

posted on 2016-01-01, 00:00 authored by Phillip RoosPhillip Roos
Biophilic Design is an advanced methodology of Ecologically Sustainable Design that goes beyond the status quo of sustainability. It is an innovative approach that emphasises the necessity of maintaining, enhancing, and restoring the beneficial experience of nature in the built environment. Vegetation is not only used in the context of green landscaping, but rather becomes an integral part of an advanced, functioning living system in the built environment of ecological and biodiversity factors that includes human wellbeing; thus the wider health of humans, places and their ecologies. Greening the underground railway stations of the Melbourne Metro Rail Project’s (MMRP) in terms of their underground concourse areas, escalator shafts as well as the above ground entrances and streetscapes, will enrich the patronage experience and elevate the MMRP’s sustainability credentials. It will also enhance and support Melbourne’s greening strategies and it’s vision to be a world leading Eco-city.



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Melbourne Metro Rail Authority - AJM Joint Venture

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