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Patrick Pound : the great exhibition

posted on 2017-01-01, 00:00 authored by Patrick Pound, M Finch, G Batchen
An avid collector, Patrick Pound is interested in systems and the ordering of objects: an attempt, perhaps, to make things coherent. As Pound says, 'to collect is to gather your thoughts through things'. This generously illustrated volume, featuring insightful texts by Maggie Finch and Geoffrey Batchen, is presented alongside full-colour image reproductions of complex arrangements and installations of objects drawn from the artist's expansive archives. Pound's work playfully and poetically explores the art of collecting, and the ways in which things can hold and project ideas. This publication includes several of Pound's vast new collections, which he describes as the 'museums of things'. Objects that are seemingly redundant or overlooked are meticulously collected by the artist and put back into 'use' in these museums. The artist invites us to rethink these works and consider what it means to collect.



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National Gallery of Victoria

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Melbourne, Vic.






Catalogue of an exhibition held at NGV International, Melbourne, 31 March - 30 July 2017.

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J1 Major original creative work

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