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The man jar

posted on 2010-01-01, 00:00 authored by Cassandra AthertonCassandra Atherton
What happens to nymphets when they get too old to be jailbait? They stalk their ex-lovers in Vegas. In this ficto-autobiography I spy on my ex-lovers, reminisce about our past and watch them with their most recent conquests. I collect these Humberts in my man jar, predicting what will happen to them and their nymphets. Who needs drugs and rock and roll when you have hot, steamy, all-consuming sex? Who needs Mills and Boon when you can have porn masquerading as literature? You won t need to hide this book in a brown paper cover, or inside another book. No-one will know what you are reading. So settle down as I start to squash my lovers deep into my man jar and watch them putrefy. Watch me, watch them. You are a voyeur too. You see inside my bedroom walls. You watch me with my American history professor and chase my ex-lovers. Take the road trip with us through Nevada as we are drawn, like moths, to the lights of Las Vegas. Dirty Vegas. Where it must all end.



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