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A Curriculum Model to Promote (Chiropractic) Clinical Thinking with Video-Case Annotation

posted on 2023-01-05, 02:57 authored by Meg Colasante, Amanda Kimpton, Jennifer Hallam
A progressive agenda for curriculum change in a chiropractic course in a Melbourne university involved case-based materials and online video annotation. The overall learning objective was to promote clinical thinking earlier in the undergraduate chiropractic students, which did not substantively occur until clinical placement in year 4 of the study programme. Initially the traditional lecture-centred learning mode was infused with paper-based case studies, which then evolved to video-cases and, most recently, to interactive video annotation aided by the introduction of a media annotation tool (MAT). This tool positioned the case videos into an active environment requiring small group and scaffolding activities to stimulate clinical thinking in the second year of the programme. Lectures continued, but became integrative with MAT activities and ultimately responsive to student work in MAT. The resultant integrative curriculum model unfolded over two distinct but interlinked learning cycles over the semester. As part of a larger multiple-case study, data was collected via surveys, combined observation and interview sessions, and post-subject learning artefact analysis. Student feedback was largely positive, with qualifiers such as need for both further articulation of the process and more cases. The teachers also responded positively and are currently integrating further video-cases using MAT into the same subject plus within additional subjects.


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Curriculum Models for the 21st Century