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Bob Brown: ecology, economy, equality and eternity

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posted on 2008-01-01, 00:00 authored by Peter Haeusler
"Against a backdrop of advancing neoliberalism and globalisation, this timely book examines nine prominent Australians from diverse backgrounds - ʻglobal citizensʾ who have each enhanced public life through promoting universal values and human rights. The book charts over 50 years of campaigning, and espouses perennial causes such as peace, social justice, ecological sustainability and gender and racial equality. Ultimately, this inspiring volume sends a message of hope for Australian society and provides a benchmark for all proponents of change."--Publisher description.


Title of book

Global citizens : Australian activists for change

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101 - 119


Cambridge University Press

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Port Melbourne, Vic.






Contents: 1. Global citizenship: theory and practice Geoffrey Stokes; 2. Faith Bandler: campaigning for racial equality Roderic Pitty; 3. Herb Feith: working for peace across cultures Gary Smith; 4. Jack Mundey: the global responsibilities of labour Michael Leach; 5. Nancy Shelley: empowerment through peace education Roderic Pitty; 6. Bob Brown: ecology, economy, equality, and eternity Peter Haeusler; 7. Keith Suter: Christian activism for peace and global change Lucinda Horrocks; 8. Margaret Reynolds: community activism for universal values Linda Hancock; 9. Michael Kirby: speaking for human rights Roderic Pitty; 10. Young Australians as global citizens: an interview Thao Nguyen; 11. Globalisation and cosmopolitanism: beyond populist nationalism, and neoliberalism Geoffrey Stokes, Roderic Pitty and Gary Smith.

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B1 Book chapter; B Book chapter

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2008, Cambridge University Press




G Stokes, R Pitty, G Smith