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Capability Demands of Digital Service Innovation

posted on 2021-01-01, 00:00 authored by Jo Coldwell-NeilsonJo Coldwell-Neilson, Trudi Cooper, Nick Patterson
This chapter explores the demands that digital service innovation places on those stakeholders who use the digital service through three lenses: workers and workplace, digital literacy, and, finally, digital education. The chapter includes an overview of digital service innovation. The impact of digital services generally is explored from the perspective of the workforce and the future of work developing an argument for the need for ongoing upskilling in the digital space. The skills required in the age of digital disruption are explored, and a definition and general understanding of what digital literacy entails is presented. Finally, the opportunities for education in digital environments are explored through three vignettes which illustrate different opportunities for upskilling and retraining. The chapter highlights adaptations required in socio-political environments, education and training, and curricula to allow digital service innovations to achieve the expected benefits.


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Research Anthology on Digital Transformation, Organizational Change, and the Impact of Remote Work


49 - 68


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