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Cellular nanotechnologies: Orchestrating cellular processes by engineering silicon nanowires architectures

posted on 2022-10-19, 03:54 authored by H Z Yoh, S Aslanoglou, E Lestrell, A R Shokouhi, S Belcher, H Thissen, N H Voelcker, Roey ElnathanRoey Elnathan
One-dimensional vertically aligned silicon nanostructures, in particular vertically-aligned nanowires, nanotubes, and nanostraws, have been extensively explored and have risen as promising materials for cell-nanomaterial interface applications. This includes intracellular delivery/extraction, biosensing, nanoelectrode-based electrophysiology, mechanotransduction, immunomodulation, and advanced cellular studies. Such vertically aligned nanostructures can be fabricated by multiple nanofabrication routes with high precision control over their topological parameters tailored for diverse cellular applications. Here we provide an overview of engineered cell-material interfaces of vertically aligned silicon nanostructures, the fabrication and functionalization of silicon nanowires, and the influence of silicon nanowire geometry on fundamental cell behaviors. Furthermore, we highlight recent progress and likely future developments related to nanostructures for intracellular signaling and delivery, and related to the integration of nanostructures in electroporation systems.



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