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Conclusions: Future directions of multiliteracies scholarship and practice

posted on 2023-01-30, 01:38 authored by K Kumpulainen, Julian Sefton-GreenJulian Sefton-Green
This conclusion presents some closing thoughts on the concepts covered in the preceding chapters of this book. The book considers the role of multiliteracies in the education of young children living and learning in contemporary societies in the global North. It illustrates curriculum innovation and reform efforts situated in Finnish early childhood and primary education. The book presents some of the challenges and opportunities for enhancing professional development opportunities of early years practitioners. It shows how more established classroom practices interact and come into tension with new ways of teaching and learning multiliteracies. The book also considers how teacher agency and the conditions for its emergence are important drivers of transforming classroom practice. It provides rich descriptions how multiliteracies standards be benchmarked and meaningful learning progressions mapped from a sociocultural practice perspective. The book examines the cultural practices around reading and literacy in the United States, and considers how theory of multiliteracies might inform these practices.



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