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Enzyme technology in the production of flavors and food additives

posted on 2022-10-03, 00:14 authored by T Gunathilake, T O Akanbi, Q Van Vuong, C J Scarlett, Colin BarrowColin Barrow
Flavors and food additives represent over a quarter of the global food market and are usually synthesized chemically or extracted from natural sources. Although chemical synthesis tends to be cheaper, potential health risks associated with this process remain a concern. Enzymatic production of these compounds has received much attention as it offers notable advantages over the chemical processes. Although several enzymes have been reported to be effective for the biosynthesis of flavors and food additives, industrial production of these compounds using enzymes remains unpopular. Therefore, this chapter focuses on enzyme technology as a promising and commercially viable option to produce a broad range of natural flavors and food additives. Also, the applications of these compounds in food manufacturing processes are discussed.



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