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Smart waste management system: a fusion of IoT and blockchain technology

posted on 2018-01-01, 00:00 authored by M Lamichhane, O Sadov, Arkady ZaslavskyArkady Zaslavsky
© 2019 River Publishers. Blockchain technology and Internet of Things (IoT) are two of the most popular technologies today. IoT is an interconnection of devices that can communicate with each other. It can help create smart solutions that can enhance the quality of life of people. Likewise, blockchain is distributed database systems that promise high level of security and availability of data with least transaction overhead. In this paper, we attempt to bring together these two technologies to develop a smart waste management system. The scope of implementation of such smart solutions to real-life problems is limited by the lack of proper payment infrastructure that can support micropayments in return of services. Current financial systems have problems dealing with micropayments due to large overhead cost of transactions. Blockchain technology could be a reasonable solution to overcome such a problem. It can help lower the transaction cost and time thus lowering cost of services in general, which can specially impact developing countries. The proposed smart waste management (SWM) system uses latest development in blockchain like smart contracts, decentralized autonomous organization, and its own cryptocurrency to handle the investment and service charges while it uses simulated smart garbage bin with QR-reader that communicates to the central server using MQTT, a popular IoT protocol. Furthermore, a Telegram Bot running in telegram messaging application helps user interact with the SWM system. Measurement of transaction times for blockchain in two different networks, i.e., a private network and a public test network provides an outline of resource allocation and speed of transaction using blockchain.


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Dependable IoT for human and industry: modeling, architecting, implementation


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