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The CSR landscape: an overview of key theoretical issues and concepts

posted on 2006-01-01, 00:00 authored by David Birch, J Jonker
Questioning the way the business enterprise operates in contemporary society has become an established field of investigation. In the current global debate, corporate social responsibility (CSR) - and other terms that are linked to it such as sustainability and corporate citizenship - tend to be as much about semantics as substance. Therefore, the key to this book is the fundamental idea that drivers for change should be found primarily within the heart of organizations and expressed through various implementation strategies. As long as organizations are not embracing CSR as a fundamental element in business continuity, it will remain a mixture of semantics, avoidance, compliance and social philanthropy. This book captures and distils emerging implementation perspectives in terms of theory and practice in one concise volume and will help to unravel and demonstrate the possible changes and consequences of the adaptation of CSR


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Challenge of organising and implementing corporate social responsibility

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13 - 30


Palgrave Macmillan

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Basingstoke, England








1. Introduction / Jan Jonker and Marco de Witte -- 2. The CSR landscape : an overview of key theoretical issues and concepts / David Birch and Jan Jonker -- 3. Corporate citizenship, social responsibility and sustainability : corporate colonialism for the new millennium? / Subhabrata Bobby Banerjee -- 4. In good company : reflections on the changing nature of the contemporary business enterprise and its embedded value systems / Michiel Schoemaker and Jan Jonker -- 5. Social capital and corporate social responsibility / Andre Habisch and Jeremy Moon -- 6. An anatomy of corporate social responsibility : causal factors in CSR as a social movement and business practice / Nigel Roome, Robert-Paul Doove and Marcel Postema -- 7. Reinventing social dialogue / Robert Beckett and Jan Jonker -- 8. Stakeholder engagement in and beyond the organization / David Foster and Jan Jonker -- 9. A new direction for CSR : engaging networks for whole system change / Ann Svendsen and Myriam Laberge -- 10. Learning to be responsible : developing competences for organization-wide CSR / Andre Nijhof, Theo de Bruijn, Olaf Fisscher, Jan Jonker, Edgar Karssing and Michiel Schoemaker -- 11. Standards for corporate social responsibility / Math Gobbels -- 12. Implementing CSR : the challenge of change / Malcolm Higgs -- 13. Corporate social responsibility as a tailor-made search process / Jacqueline Cramer and Angela van der Heijden -- 14. The enterprise strategies of European leaders in corporate social responsibility / Nigel Roome and Jan Jonker -- 15. Conclusion : the real challenges of organizing and implementing CSR / Jan Jonker and Marco de Witte.

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J Jonker, M De Witte