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The future of connectivity conservation

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posted on 2024-06-16, 13:19 authored by A Bennett, K Crooks, M Sanjayan
The future of connectivity conservation


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1. Connectivity conservation : maintaining connections for nature / Kevin R. Crooks and M. Sanjayan -- Pt. I. Approaches to connectivity research -- Introduction : connectivity research - what are the issues? / John A. Wiens -- 2. Landscape connectivity : a return to the basics / Philip D. Taylor, Lenore Fahrig and Kimberly A. -- 3. Connectivity and metapopulation dynamics in highly fragmented landscapes / Atte Moilanen and Ilkka Hanski -- 4. Genetics and landscape connectivity / Richard Frankham -- 5. Connectivity at the land - water interface / Drew M. Talley, Gary R. Huxel and Marcel Holyoak -- 6. Influence of natural landscape fragmentation and resource availability on distribution and connectivity of gray wolves (Canis lupus) in the archipelago of coastal British Columbia, Canada / Paul C. Paquet, Shelley M. Alexander, Patricia L. Swan and Chris T. Darimont -- 7. Migratory connectivity / Peter P. Marra, D. Ryan Norris, Susan M. Haig, Mike Webster and J. Andrew Royle -- 8. Connectivity in marine ecosystems : the importance of larval and spore dispersal / Claudio DiBacco, Lisa A. Levin and Enric Sala -- 9. Connectivity and wide-ranging species in the ocean / Autumn-lynn Harrison and Karen A. Bjorndal -- 10. Hydrologic connectivity : a neglected dimension of conservation biology / Catherine Pringle -- 11. Connectivity and ecosystem services : crop pollination in agricultural landscapes / Taylor H. Ricketts, Neal M. Williams and Margaret M. Mayfield -- Pt. II. Assessing connectivity -- Introduction : evaluating and quantifying the conservation dividends of connectivity / Peter Kareiva -- 12. Quantifying connectivity : balancing metric performance with data requirements / William F. Fagan and Justin M. Calabrese -- 13. Assessing connectivity in salmonid fishes with DNA microsatellite markers / Heleen Neville, Jason Dunham and Mary Peacock -- 14. Individual-based modeling as a tool for conserving connectivity / Jeff A. Tracey -- 15. Linking connectivity to viability : insights from spatially explicit population models of large carnivores / Carlos Carroll -- 16. Impacts of corridors on populations and communities / Nick M. Haddad and Josh J. Tewksbury -- 17. Exploring the functional connectivity of landscapes using landscape networks / David M. Theobald -- Pt. III. Challenges and implementation of connectivity conservation -- Introduction : don't fence me in / Thomas Lovejoy -- 18. Hyperconnectivity, invasive species, and the breakdown of barriers to dispersal / Jeffrey A. Crooks and Andrew V. Suarez -- 19. Disease and connectivity / Hamish McCallum and Andy Dobson -- 20. Maintaining and restoring connectivity in landscapes fragmented by roads / Anthony P. Clevenger and Jack Wierzchowski -- 21. Where to draw the line : integrating feasibility into connectivity planning / Scott A. Morrison and Mark D. Reynolds -- 22. South coast missing linkages : restoring connectivity to wildlands in the largest metropolitan area in the USA / Paul Beier, Kristeen L. Penrod, Claudia Luke, Wayne D. Spencer and Clint Cabanero -- 23. Incorporating connectivity into broad-scale conservation planning / Reed F. Noss and Kathleen M. Daly -- 24. Escaping the minimalist trap : design and implementation of large-scale biodiversity corridors / James Sanderson, Gustavo A. B. da Fonseca, Carlos Galindo-Leal, Keith Alger, Victor Hugo Inchausty Karl Morrison and Anthony Rylands -- 25. The role of connectivity in Australian conservation / Michael E. Soule, Brendan G. Mackey, Harry F. Recher, Jann E. Williams, John C. Z. Woinarski, Don Driscoll, William C. Dennison and Menna E. Jones -- 26. The future of connectivity conservation / Andrew F. Bennett, Kevin R. Crooks and M. Sanjayan.

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