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Having Some Innuendo with You: Desire, Creativity and the Digital Interval

posted on 2019-12-01, 00:00 authored by Antonia PontAntonia Pont
Having Some Innuendo with You: Desire, Creativity and the Digital Interval



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The Lifted Brow

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Melbourne, VIc.



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Responding to Michel Foucault’s later arguments concerning ‘care of the self’ (1987) and reading this alongside contemporary practices of digital engagements, dating apps, busy-ness and intimacy, this essay intervenes on common-sensical or sensationalist thinking to ask about the impact and experience of digital intimacies and the role of devices in the contemporary relational space, reading their pros and cons less reactively. The essay argues that in the case of digital intimacies and device practices more generally there is scope for great creativity, for genuine care of the other and the self, and it outlines scenarios that are more conducive to this dynamic. Including a Derridean influence which notes the importance of the interval, of spacing, for what emerges creatively and for any kind of closeness (which must include its other), the essay disrupts easy logics of disapproval or compliant alignment with techno-capitalism, in favour of a nuanced interaction with the machines and humans we live with. The work’s framing of gender dynamics was cited in a Leadership Course run by the Australia Council for the Arts for emerging young leaders. Fornet-Betancourt, R, Becker, H, Gomez-Müller, A 1987 ‘The Ethic of Care of the Self as a Practice of Freedom : an interview with Michel Foucault on Jan 20, 1984’, Philosophy and Social Criticism, 12. 2-3 (July), pp. 112-131

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