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A key to achieving sustainable development

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posted on 2023-02-06, 03:14 authored by Erfan Aghasian, F Charehjoo
Nowadays, the concept of urban and urbanism in regards to problems such as increasing population, multiplicity in number of cities, air and noise pollution and traffic jams evolved in deep variation and changes. Recently, with this approach we will face the question of what is sustainable to the city and regarding goals of sustainable development, how we could implement the vision based on this theory in modern urbanism. It is obvious that rapid changes in physical and economical development joint with social changes will have an influence on live dynamic of cities. Information Technology is known as one of the most important elements in changes and development of the current world and consequences from it will have a direct impact on people. These changes will carry words such as: Electronic commerce, Electronic Banking, Electronic city and even electronic government. It's been many years that Electronic development is practically used in many countries yielding large capital returns and saving significant resources and capacities for those countries. Electronic city as one of the emerging concept which is born with the development of Information technology, in theoretical and practical field, it can cause innovation and creation by using social and economical capitals. Also it could be a model to achieve sustainable development goals and solve many problems of New Urbanism. Noticeably, with regards to this fact, more than half the world's population live in urban areas and concept of the city is in the center of major challenges and problems such as energy control, resource consuming and change in cities infrastructure, "sustainable city" and its creation will not be possible unless we again have an approach to city development in the form of sustainability concept. Finally, Goal of this paper is to introduce overall aim of sustainable development and consider the role and necessity of electronic city and required infrastructure in order to make it practical. © 2011 IEEE.



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Proceedings - 4th International Conference on Information and Computing, ICIC 2011

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