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A multi-wavelet based technique for calculating dense 2D disparity maps from stereo

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posted on 2004-01-01, 00:00 authored by Asim BhattiAsim Bhatti, Saeid Nahavandi, Yakov Frayman
A vision based approach for calculating accurate 3D models of the objects is presented. Generally industrial visual inspection systems capable of accurate 3D depth estimation rely on extra hardware tools like laser scanners or light pattern projectors. These tools improve the accuracy of depth estimation but also make the vision system costly and cumbersome. In the proposed algorithm, depth and dimensional accuracy of the produced 3D depth model depends on the existing reference model instead of the information from extra hardware tools. The proposed algorithm is a simple and cost effective software based approach to achieve accurate 3D depth estimation with minimal hardware involvement. The matching process uses the well-known coarse to fine strategy, involving the calculation of matching points at the coarsest level with consequent refinement up to the finest level. Vector coefficients of the wavelet transform-modulus are used as matching features, where wavelet transform-modulus maxima defines the shift invariant high-level features with phase pointing to the normal of the feature surface. The technique addresses the estimation of optimal corresponding points and the corresponding 2D disparity maps leading to the creation of accurate depth perception model.


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Robotics : trends, principles, and applications : proceedings of the Sixth Biannual World Automation Congress (WAC), ISORA, Seville, Spain


International Symposium on Robotics and Applications (10th : 2004 : Seville, Spain)


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M Jamshidi, A Ollero, L Foulloy, M Reuter, A Kamrani, Y Hata