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Adaptation of LEACH routing protocol to cognitive radio sensor networks

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posted on 2012-01-01, 00:00 authored by N Panahi, H Rohi, A Payandeh, M Haghighi
One of the drawbacks of LEACH protocol is the uncontrolled selection of cluster heads which, in some rounds, leads to the concentration of them in a limited area due to the randomness of the selection procedure. LEACH-C is a variant of LEACH that uses a centralized clustering algorithm and forms good clusters through sink control. According to experimental results, the IEEE 802.15.4 packets are damaged by WLAN interferences in ISM band. It seems that, sensor nodes equipped with cognitive radio capabilities can overcome this problem. In cognitive radio sensor networks (CRSN), routing must be accompanied by channel allocation. This requires spectrum management which can be devolved to cluster heads. For this networks, new duty cycle mechanisms must be designed that jointly consider neighbor discovery, and spectrum sensing/allocation. Cluster-based network architecture is a good choice for effective dynamic spectrum management. In such architecture, cluster heads have a proper spatial distribution and are optimally located all over the network. In this paper, using the physical layer information and preserving the feature of random cluster head selection in LEACH, it has been tried to both move the position of cluster heads to appropriate locations and make their quantity optimal. The simulation results show that the transferal of cluster heads to appropriate locations increases the network lifetime significantly though this comes at the price of early instability appearance. By considering the energy level in cluster head election algorithm, one can overcome the network stability issues too. However, this will move the cluster heads away from their appropriate locations. © 2012 IEEE.



International Symposium on Telecommunications (6th : 2012 : Tehran, Iran)


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Tehran, Iran

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IST 2012 : Proceedings of the 6th International Symposium on Telecommunications

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