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Being on the edge of a shipwreck in planning decision-making: design as an anchor and future maker

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posted on 2015-01-01, 00:00 authored by A K Zhao, David Jones
This paper investigates recent attempts to Masterplan tourism planning and landscape development of the town of Port Campbell based on the concept of community-driven tourism planning. The Masterplan process generally sought to upgrade tourism facilities and to re-plan a core part of the Great Ocean Road corridor the proposed scheme little engendered community confidence nor encouraged the use of local community public resources of the Masterplan proposed outcomes. While analyzing broad range of aspects of the township and the national park, this design thesis attempted to identify the possible initiatives and landscape development models and also applied landscape narrative theory to focus on tourism experience making and landscape with layers of content embedded such as local history, environmental stories that would enrich the experience. The need for this paper is to articulate an alternate and more robust approach to designing on the fragile coastal edge whilst engendering community engagement and ensuring their aspirations are addressed. It is main contribution is both offering an alternate process but also demonstrating the use of design as a vehicle to reach this outcome. The research gap addressed is to challenge a conventional planning practice that was very much constrained by upper-level Melbourne-based parochial and managerial imperatives than lower-level community aspirations and perspectives.



International Sustainable Development Research Society Conference Tipping Point (21st : 2015 : Geelong, Victoria)


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ISDRS 2015 : Vulnerability and Adaptive Capacity. Proceedings of 21st International Sustainable Development Research Society Conference