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Centralize Energy Storage Scheduling for Prosumers in Residential Microgrid

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posted on 2022-10-12, 00:47 authored by A Seervi, V K Saini, R Kumar, Apel MahmudApel Mahmud
The residential microgrid is being governed by local distributed energy resources and energy storage. Storage offers various benefits for residential grid operations, such as peak shaving, demand shift. When electricity prices are high during peak demand hours at the same time, storage will support reducing the electricity bill of prosumers. However, scheduling energy storage devices is challenging due to uncertainty in renewable energy generation. This paper provides an analysis of distributed and centralized energy storage. The charging and discharging scheduling of energy storage for residential applications has been performed as a linear programming approach. The cost of electricity has been calculated, keeping peak demand within the specified limit. The impact of seasonal on PV profile is also considered. The Result found that centralized storage is more suitable for residential applications




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2022 2nd International Conference on Power Electronics and IoT Applications in Renewable Energy and its Control, PARC 2022

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