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Detection of vehicles with monolithic classifier vis-à-vis a boosted cascaded classifier

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posted on 2009-01-01, 00:00 authored by S Fernando, L Udawatta, Pubudu PathiranaPubudu Pathirana
This paper describes the comparison of accuracy and performance of two machine learning approaches for visual object detection and tracking vehicles, from an on-road image sequence. The first is a neural network based approach. Where an algorithm of multi resolution technique based on Haar basis functions was used to obtain an image with different scales. Thereafter a classification was carried out with the multilayer feed forward neural network. Principle Component Analysis (PCA) technique was used as a dimension reduction technique to make the classification process much more efficient. The second approach is based on boosting which also yields very good detection rates. In general, boosting is one of the most important developments in classification methodology. It works by sequentially applying a classification algorithm to reweighed versions of the training data, followed by taking a weighted majority vote of the sequence of classifiers thus produced. For this work, a strong classifier was trained by the adaboost algorithm. The results of comparing the two methodologies visà-vis shows the effectiveness of the methods that have been used.



Industrial and Information Systems Conference (4th : 2009 : Peradeniya, Sri Lanka)


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Peradeniya, Sri Lanka

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ICIIS 2009: Conference Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Industrial and Information Systems 2009