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Evaluation of the effect of tension during carbon fibre processing

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posted on 01.01.2019, 00:00 authored by Claudia CreightonClaudia Creighton, L Papenbreer, M Warnecke, B L Fox, Russell VarleyRussell Varley
This study investigates the development of carbon fibre structure from precursor to carbon fibre for different tensions applied during the stabilisation process. Fibres were extracted from various stages along the production process and the fraction of unreacted nitrile groups as a measure of the extent of reaction examined. The results of DSC and FTIR analysis showed more progress in stabilisation with lower tow tension applied. Although a lower fraction of unreacted nitrile groups under less tension is an indicator for a more developed molecular structure, the analysis of the subsequent carbon fibre revealed that the application of higher tension favours the development of fibres with higher strength and modulus.




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