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Experimental investigation on bonding properties of reactive liquid rubber epoxy in CFRP retrofitted concretet members

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posted on 2015-01-01, 00:00 authored by Amad Adeen Ahmed S Baiuk, Riyadh Al-AmeriRiyadh Al-Ameri, Bronwyn Fox
The load bearing capacity of aging reinforced concrete structures, such as bridges, is increasingly extended with the use of Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer (CFRP). Premature failure, which is attributed to the rigid behaviour of the bonding agent (epoxy resin) and the high stresses at the interface region, can occur because of the debonding of CFRP sheets from host surfaces. To overcome the debonding issue, the epoxy resin is modified by different reactive liquid polymers to improve its toughness, flexibility, adhesion, and impact resistance. This study reports the usage of two reactive liquid polymers, namely, liquid Carboxyl-Terminated Butadiene-Acrylonitrile (CTBN) and liquid Amine-Terminated Butadiene-Acrylonitrile (ATBN), to improve the mechanical properties of the commercially available MBrace saturant resin when added to a ratio of 100:30 by weight. The neat and modified epoxies were analysed using the Dynamic Mechanical Thermal Analysis (DMTA) to determine and compare the storage modulus and glass transition temperatures of these materials. Moreover, the bonding strength of neat and modified epoxies was evaluated through single-lap shear tests on CFRP sheets bonded to concrete prisms. The results indicate that the modified resins exhibited improved ductility and toughness and became reasonably flexible compared with the neat epoxy resin. The improved properties will help delay the premature debonding failure in CFRP retrofitted concrete members.



Fiber Reinforced Polymers for Reinforced Concrete Structures & Asia-Pacific Conference on Fiber Reinforced Polymers in Structures. Joint Conference (2015 : Nanjing, China)


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Z Wu, G Wu, X Wang

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FRPRCS-12 & APFIS 2015 : Proceedings of The 12th International Symposium on Fiber Reinforced Polymers for Reinforced Concrete Structures & The 5th Asia-Pacific Conference on Fiber Reinforced Polymers in Structures