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Flexible roll forming of automotive components from ultra high strength steel

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posted on 2016-06-12, 00:00 authored by Buddhika AbeyrathnaBuddhika Abeyrathna, A Abvabi, Bernard RolfeBernard Rolfe, R Taube, Matthias WeissMatthias Weiss
Conventional roll forming is limited to components with uniform cross-section; the recently developed flexible roll forming (FRF) process can be used to form components which vary in both width and depth. It has been suggested that this process can be used to manufacture automotive components from Ultra High Strength Steel (UHSS) which has limited tensile elongation and is unsuitable for stamping. In the flexible roll forming process, the pre-cut blank is fed through a set of rolls; some rolls are computer-numerically controlled (CNC) to follow the 3D contours of the part and hence parts with a variable cross-section can be produced. As with conventional roll forming, the number of forming stations is kept to a minimum, particularly the controlled roll stations, in order to limit tooling costs.
This paper introduces a new flexible roll forming technique which can be used to form a complex shape with the minimum tooling requirements. In this method, the pre-cut blank is held between two dies and the whole system moves back and forth past CNC forming rolls. The forming roll changes its angle and position in each pass to incrementally form the part. In this work, the process is simulated using the commercial software package Copra FEA. The distribution of total strain and final part quality are investigated as well as related shape defects observed in the process. Different tooling concepts are used to improve the strain distribution and hence the part quality. The current work presents a new cost-effective flexible roll forming technique and minimizes the number of tool changes.



International Deep Drawing Research Group. Conference (2016 : Linz, Austria)


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