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Hydrolysis of citrus peel waste with recombinant rhamnosidase for bioenergy generation

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posted on 2010-01-01, 00:00 authored by Munish PuriMunish Puri
Large amounts of Citrus peel (rich in poly-phenolic compounds) are generated as a by-product of the juice processing industry. Development of alternative, higher valued products utilizing peel waste from grapefruit, oranges, Valencia and other citrus fruit would benefit citrus juice processors by providing them with means to profitably process their peel waste and to avoid environmentally hazardous dumping. Citrus peel waste [CPW, comprised of peel, membranes and juice vesicles] contains a high level of polyphenols and has been used for the production of animal feed, single-cell protein, fibre, enzyme(s), immobilization support & bio-sorbent for heavy metal removal. Naringin (a major tri-hydroxy flavonoid glycoside) is available in large amounts in citrus peel, processed juice and can be extracted from citrus peel waste1. The extracted naringin is further hydrolysed by rhamnosidase to produce D-rhamnose for the production of ethanol and other fermentation products. We have produced a recombinant enzyme2 that has the ability to catalyse the cleavage of terminal rhamnoside groups from naringin to prunin and rhamnose. We have recovered important sugar “D-rhamnose” from the processed waste which would be utilized for ethanol production3. This presentation will summarize current efforts to develop an enzymatic treatment which would facilitate the economical processing of citrus waste for bioenergy generation.



European Biomass Conference & Exhibition (18th : 2010 : Lyon, France)




ETA-Florence Renewable Energies


Lyon, France

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From research to industry and markets : Proceedings of the 18th European Biomass Conference & Exhibition ; proceedings of the international conference held in Lyon, France 3 - 7 May 2010

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