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Innovation in accounting education: Engaging with digital technologies that enhance student learning

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posted on 2015-07-06, 00:00 authored by K Watty, J McKay, Leanne NgoLeanne Ngo
Background/Context: Many believe that accounting education has been slow to recognise the opportunities for innovation that technology affords, with change generally occurring on the fringe, normally led by individual champions. As business educators, there is no denying our graduates will be immersed in technology-rich business environments. But in order for our graduates to have the competitive edge in a complex “digital” business world, we, as business educators, need to reflect on our own skills and consider change. The initiative/practice: Focused on the use of innovative digital technologies, the CPA-funded project titled ‘Innovative teaching, learning and assessment in accounting education: Engaging with digital technologies that enhance student learning’ set out to effect change in accounting education. This presentation showcases the iResource that emerged from this study promoting the affordances of digital technologies to enhance student learning and encourage a new approach to accounting education in the 21st century. Methods of evaluative data collection and analysis: As an exploratory project designed to have a strong practical outcome (a media rich interactive iResource), the research methodology adopted reflected this primary focus. A qualitative approach underpinned this project. The literature review and interviews with innovative educators in accounting education, formed the underpinning for the iResource and project report. As an exploratory study, gathering perceptions about digital education and the role it plays in accounting education along with examples of good practice, was critical. Evidence of effectiveness: The national project launch held in September 2014, was well-attended and well-received by higher education specialists, industry and governing bodies alike. Statistics relating to the download of our iResource have also steadily increased since the project launch, demonstrating its usefulness and practical applicability. The interactive iResource to be featured in this showcase, both evidences and promotes exemplary teaching practice and the benefits of digital technology in education. Addressing the theme/s of the Conference (up to 200 words recommended) This presentation is suitably aligned with the conference theme ‘Learning for life and work in a complex world’, and the conference sub-theme of exploiting emerging technologies. To some extent, the issues of educating graduates to be responsive and adaptive professionals and navigating uncertainty and complexity, are touched upon. The presentation will explore emerging technologies and the opportunities they afford to enhancing teaching and learning, and student outcomes, in accounting education. It is premised on the idea that innovative digital technologies are essential in higher education in order to ensure our graduates to have the competitive edge in a complex “digital” business world. The project to be discussed also navigates and delves into the complexity of technology uptake—or rather, the lack of uptake—in the accounting discipline. It stresses the importance of creating graduates who are equipped to be responsive professionals in the new “digital” business world. It calls for educators to recognise the importance of technology and its potential to enhance learning for life and work in the 21st century.



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