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Lab-on-a-Chip turns soft : computer-aided, software-enabled microfluidics design

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posted on 2013-01-01, 00:00 authored by Aung Kyaw Soe, Michael Fielding, Saeid NahavandiSaeid Nahavandi
The current practice of designing microfluidic Lab-on-a-Chip (LoCs) limits reusing designs and makes sharing tasks among researchers difficult. One way to achieve that objective is to borrow best practices from engineering. Also it takes a lot of skills to design LoCs. Design-by-assembly in which a LoC can be designed by configuring, laying out subsystems can help new researchers to develop custom chips. Flexible, reusable, and rapid-prototyping-feasible LoC designs can be achieved by fabricated modular microfluidic blocks. However, challenging problems still persist, which limit the usefulness of prefabricated blocks. We propose software microfluidic modules (SoftMABs) based design technique to solve issues fabricated modules face. By configuring SoftMABs, integrating them, the new assembly of SoftMABs can form a 3D LoC design ready to be prototyped. The proposed method can make designing a complex LoC less challenging, and collaborating among laboratories easier. We created SoftMABs and designed a custom microfluidic chip by assembling SoftMABs like LEGOs, dragging-and-dropping them. Later we reconfigured them - by replacing a SoftMAB with another module - to make a new LoC. We believe this computeraided method is an interesting and useful LoC design technique.



Advances in Social Networks Analysis and Mining. IEEE/ACM International Conference (2013 : Niagara Falls, Ontario)


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ASONAM 2013 : Proceedings of the IEEE/ACM International Conference on Advances in Social Networks Analysis and Mining