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Lattice reduction aided detection for underdetermined MIMO systems: A pre-voting cancellation approach

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posted on 2010-01-01, 00:00 authored by L Bai, C Chen, Jinho ChoiJinho Choi
Lattice reduction (LR) based detectors has been investigated for multiple input multiple output (MIMO) systems. For most LR aided detectors, it is assumed that the channel matrix is a square or tall matrix. However, practically there are many cases that the channel matrix is fat which is referred to as the underdetermined/rank-deficient MIMO system. In this paper, we employ the pre-voting cancellation approach and propose the LR-based detectors for underdetermined MIMO systems. It can be shown that the proposed detectors can exploit a full receive diversity. Furthermore, the pre-voting vector selection criteria for the proposed detectors are taken into account to improve performance further.




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IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference

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