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Measuring the Interactions between Different Locations in a Muscle to Monitor Localized Muscle Fatigue

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posted on 2017-09-13, 00:00 authored by Adrian BinghamAdrian Bingham, S P Arjunan, D K Kumar
In this study we investigated a technique for estimating the progression of localized muscle fatigue. This technique measures the dependence between motor units using high density surface electromyogram (HD-sEMG) and is based on the Normalized Mutual Information (NMI) measure. The NMI between every pair combination of the electrode array is computed to measure the interactions between electrodes. Participants in the experiment had an array of 64 electrodes (16 by 4) placed over the TA of their dominate leg such that the columns of the array ran parallel with the muscle fibers. The HD-sEMG was recorded whilst the participants maintained an isometric dorsiflexion with their dominate foot until task failure at 40% and 80% of their maximum voluntary contraction (MVC). The interactions between different locations over the muscle were computed using the recorded HD-sEMG signals. The results show that the average interactions between various locations over the TA significantly increased during fatigue at both levels of contraction. This can be attributed to the dependence in the motor units.



IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Science. Conference (39th : 2017 : Jeju, Korea (South)


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Jeju, Korea (South)

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EMBC 2017 Proceedings of IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Science 2017 Conference.