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Mechanisms for multimodality : taking fiction to another dimension

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posted on 2007-01-01, 00:00 authored by K Glass, Shaun BangayShaun Bangay, B Alcock
We present methods for automatically constructing representations of fiction books in a range of modalities: audibly, graphically and as 3D virtual environments. The correspondence between the sequential ordering of events against the order of events presented in the text is used to correctly resolve the dynamic interactions for each representation. Synthesised audio created from the fiction text is used to calibrate the base time-line against which the other forms of media are correctly aligned. The audio stream is based on speech synthesis using the text of the book, and is enhanced using distinct voices for the different characters in a book. Sound effects are included automatically. The graphical representation represents the text (as subtitles), identifies active characters and provides visual feedback of the content of the story. Dynamic virtual environments conform to the constraints implied by the story, and are used as a source of further visual content. These representations are all aligned to a common time-line, and combined using sequencing facilities to provide a multimodal version of the original text.



International conference on computer graphics, virtual reality, visualisation and interaction in Africa (5th : 2007 : Grahamstown, South Africa)


135 - 144


Association for Computing Machinery


Grahamstown, South Africa

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2007, Association for Computing Machinery


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Afrigraph '07 : proceedings of the 5th international conference on computer graphics, virtual reality, visualisation and interaction in Africa

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