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Preparing students for a world which is global in its outlook and influences: the rhetoric, reality and response

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posted on 2004-01-01, 00:00 authored by Julie Dyer
The imperative for schools and teachers to understand and teach with a global perspective has been reiterated in Victoria recently with the release of the Victorian Curriculum Reform Consultation Paper (VCAA, 2004). This paper states that, "the purposes of schooling are to prepare students for a world which is global in its outlook and influences." (p.4).

The introductory paragraphs of selected states' and territories' Studies of Society and Environment (SOSE) curriculum statements include and reiterate 'global' in the rationale for teaching and learning. Teaching in SOSE is charged with responsibility for incorporating 'global' into classroom practice. What is the role and place of SOSE in this teaching and how can SOSE teachers be better equipped to teach in a time of internationalisation and globalisation? Are teachers prepared to meet this challenge?

This paper will position the importance of teachers' lived experiences, their capacity to reflect upon these experiences, to their preparedness and competency in teaching 'global education' both within a SOSE classroom and beyond. How can personal critical reflection sharpen the focus for teaching in and to this global world? What are the place of narrative and the lived experiences of teachers in sharpening this focus? The data for this paper is drawn from a self study of the author who is studying a Masters by Research and teaches Social Education and Education Studies at Deakin University.

The paper argues that pedagogy around teaching global education in the classroom cannot be isolated from the teacher's identities, background experiences, which influence and shape their approaches to teaching in a global education curriculum. The methodology in teaching global education needs to be further aligned to teacher narratives and the lived experiences of teachers in order to link local, national and global domains.

The paper will describe how teaching for a 'world which is global in outlook and influences' can be researched by examining a selection of personal stories and lived experiences. The paper will conclude with a draft framework of global education that acknowledges reflection on lived experiences and narratives.



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