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Press shop machine analysis and trending

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posted on 2003-01-01, 00:00 authored by G Cheesewright, M Cardew-Hall, Peter HodgsonPeter Hodgson, Bernard RolfeBernard Rolfe, Yakov Frayman
Historically downtime data collection and reporting systems in many automotive body panel press shops has been somewhat adhoc. The impetus for this study stems from frustration in respect of how this data is collected, assessed for trends and presented. Ideally this data should be used to identify costly repetitious faults for actioning of maintenance work and for feedback to tool design for consideration when designing new parts.

Presently this data is stored largely in the form of tacit knowledge by press shop operators; the encumbrance of transferring such information being that there is very often only limited channels to quantify it into something more tangible. Findings show that there tend to be two related obstacles to plant data recording. The first is that automation of down time data collection alone cannot determine fault causes as the majority of press shop events are initiated primarily from operator observation. The second is that excessive subjective operator input can often result in confusion and end up taking greater time in recording than remedying the actual fault.

This Paper presents the development of a system that through press mounted touchscreens encourages basic subjective operator input and relates this with basic objective data such as timekeeping. In this way all responses for a given press line become valuable and can be trended and placed in a hierarchy based on their percentage contribution to downtime or statistical importance. This then is capable of statistically alerting maintenance, line flow and/or toolbuild areas as to what issues require their most urgent attention.



International Conference on Production Research (17th: 2003: Blacksburg, Va.)


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