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Recent developments in characterising electrodeposition of anti-corrosion coatings using the wire beam electrode method

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posted on 2009-01-01, 00:00 authored by Mike Yongjun TanMike Yongjun Tan
New progresses have been made during recent years in the application of the wire beam electrode (WBE, a coupled multielectrode array) for studying electroplating of metallic coatings, for monitoring the electrodeposition of polymer coatings, and for evaluating the performance of anti-corrosion coatings. The WBE allows localized electrode processes to occur over different locations of its surface under external anodic or cathodic polarization and permits monitoring of nonuniform electrodeposition processes. Several typical experiments are presented in this paper. One sample experiment is the characterization of nonuniform electroplating of nickel coating, which was achieved by mapping the distributions of currents over a WBE surface that was under cathodic polarization. Various characteristic current distribution patterns, which indicate different electrodeposition mechanisms or low covering-power, have been observed. These patterns were found to correlate with the effects of several affecting factors such as electrolyte concentration, temperature and agitation flow. Another sample experiment is the investigation of nonuniform anodic electrodeposition of polyaniline (PANI) coatings and the understanding of their anti-corrosion performance and mechanisms. Anodic polarization currents were measured from various locations over the WBE surface in order to produce anodic polarization current maps under PANI deposition.



Corrosion. NACE Conference (2009 : Atlanta, Georgia)




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CORROSION 2009 : Proceedings of the 2009 Annual NACE Corrosion Conference

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