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Reconsidering the state : cosmopolitanism, republicanism and global governance

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posted on 2008-01-01, 00:00 authored by Steven SlaughterSteven Slaughter
Cosmopolitan arguments for global forms of democracy and governance have intensified in the last decade because of the increasing significance of transnational interconnections and the increased impact of global problems. However, questions remain as to how cosmopolitan structures are going to be realized in practice, given the continued significance of the state in global politics. This paper advocates the importance of considering republican arguments for redeveloping the state alongside the proposals for global democratic structures advocated by political cosmopolitans such as David Held. It contends that many forms of cosmopolitan thought are too quick to dismiss the state as a potential locus of ethical global governance and that republican conceptions of the state and political practice are important counterpoints to political cosmopolitanism. Consequently, this paper critically considers the assumptions embedded in the literature of political cosmopolitanism in relation to the proposals for global democracy and governance. Then the paper considers republican arguments that developing civically minded citizens and responsive state institutions could be a crucial foundation for transnational forms of governance to be realized in practice. The paper then concludes by considering the practical tensions between republican and cosmopolitan proposals.



International Global Ethics Association. Conference (2nd : 2008 : Melbourne, Vic.)


1 - 9


Deakin University, Faculty of Arts & Education


Melbourne, Vic.

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Melbourne, Vic.

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2008, Deakin University


G Brock, R Shapcott, S Slaughter, W Vanderkerckhove, S van Hooft, A Verlinden

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Questioning cosmopolitanism : Second Biennial Conference of the International Global Ethics Association

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