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Sustainable buildings

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posted on 2023-01-29, 22:56 authored by Carol BoyleCarol Boyle
There has been significant interest and debate in the concept of sustainable buildings worldwide, focusing principally on reducing the materials used in construction since extraction and processing of resources consumes a significant quantity of materials and energy and produces a significant quantity of waste. Increasing the lifespan of a building is important in reducing materials consumption and reducing waste production. The issue of energy or embodied energy is also important due to the energy involved in extraction of materials, building construction and in building operation; however, the source of the energy must also be considered. Indirect impacts must also be taken into account to achieve sustainability. These include building services such as road construction and maintenance, communication lines, water and sewage as well as community requirements for stores, petrol stations and public transportation. Social and cultural aspects of design provide a sense of community which is important for sustainability. It is unlikely that sustainable buildings are being built today, as construction of a sustainable building must include more than just the building itself - those involved must recognise it to be a component in a system which must itself be assessed for sustainability.





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Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers: Engineering Sustainability

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