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Sustainable design education: teaching, learning and assessment in collaborative group design projects

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posted on 2005-01-01, 00:00 authored by Richard TuckerRichard Tucker, Alexander RolloAlexander Rollo
Changes in the funding of tertiary education resulting in less one-to-one staff/student contact time mean that we cannot continue to teach as we have historically been taught. If design schools are unable to implement strategies that successfully overcome resource intensive studio teaching programs, then current architectural education may for many higher education providers be based on an unsustainable course structure. Rather than spreading their time thinly over a large number of individual projects, an increasing number of lecturers are setting group projects. This allows them to co-ordinate longer and more in-depth review sessions on a smaller number of assignments. However, while the group model may reflect the realities of the design process in practice, the approach is not without short comings as a teaching archetype for the assessment of individual skill competencies. Hence, what is clear is the need for a readily adoptable andragogy for the teaching and assessment of group design projects.
The following describes the background, methodology and early results of a Strategic Teaching and Learning Grant currently running at the School of Architecture and Building at Deakin University. The project is evaluating two design programs at Deakin and it is envisaged that the results of the
investigation may inform other project-based teaching disciplines experiencing a similar need for new knowledge and skill-based delivery due to increasing staff-student ratios.



Australia and New Zealand Architectural Science Association. Conference (39th : 2005 : Victoria University of Wellington)


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School of Architecture + Design, Victoria University of Wellington


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Fabricating sustainability : unofficial proceedings of the 39th Annual Architectural Association Conference

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