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The mutual cultivation of subject and object in architecture

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posted on 2013-01-01, 00:00 authored by Mirjana LozanovskaMirjana Lozanovska
The relationship of the migrant figure and the house has been explored in previous research on the migrant house. In addition, the relationship between the migrant house and 1ts perception and representation within the local and national communities within the immigrant-receiving city has been analyzed. The approach and theoretical frameworks for this research involved an understanding of the relationship between the human subject and the object of architecture. Given that much poststructuralist theory has attended to the rethinking of human subjectivity and to rethinking the humanbody, traditional conceptualizations of the relationship between human subject and Object m architecture also need to be re-examined. This paper thus presents an exammatlon of one approach to this relationship, focusing on the exploratory and creative work of the late John Hejduk. Hejduk's Vladivostok presents an assembly of figure-objects that together are a literary metaphor for both society and the city. The paper Will argue that the human subject is imagined within an already ordered architectural sett1ng, and that the human subject cannot be thought prior to and outside the stage of architecture. Rather than searching for a causal or determining relat1onsh1p between subject and object this conceptual underpinning between the subject and object asks for an understanding of the dynamic and animated cultivation between them. In examining Hejduk's entry on the 'subjecUobject' in Vladivostok, the paper Will present an account of the mutual responsiveness that arises between human beings and architecture. It will argue that culture and subjectivity is internal rather than external or marginal to architecture.



Cultural Ecology. Symposium (2012 : Geelong, Victoria)


74 - 81


School of Architecture + Built Environment, Deakin University


Geelong, Victoria

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Cultural ecology : new approaches to culture, architecture and ecology

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