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Through the looking glass : teaching and learning in blended immersive multiuser virtual and real world environments

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posted on 2010-01-01, 00:00 authored by Janette GrenfellJanette Grenfell
This paper reports on the participation of higher education students and educators in blended immersive multi user virtual (MUVE) environments and real life teaching and learning experiences. Selected next generation technologies engage students and educators within the virtual socially networked elearning landscape of Deakin Arts Education Centre , and support the interaction of communities of learners in multiple modes, ranging from text and images accessed within the Deakin Studies Online learning management system to the "through the looking glass" virtual world in which the user’s creative imagination transports them to the “other side“ of their computer screens.

These constructed environments enable multiple simultaneous participants to access graphically built 3D environments, interact with digital artifacts and various functional tools, and represent themselves through avatars, to communicate with other participants and participate in collaborative art learning.



Enhancing learning experiences in higher education. Conference (2010 : Pokfulam, Hong Kong)


Centre for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning


Pokfulam, Hong Kong

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Pokfulam, Hong Kong

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2010, Janette Grenfell.

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Proceedings of the Enhancing Learning Experiences in Higher Education International Conference