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Towards the optimal placement of containerized applications on a cloud-edge network

conference contribution
posted on 2023-02-22, 22:45 authored by J Nelson, J Lwowski, P Benavidez, J J Prevost, M Jamshidi
Cloud computing is now a global standard computing topology and has been widely studied for many years. Less frequently researched is the use of cloud and edge computing to optimize the performance of a system as a whole. One important aspect of cloud and edge computing is managing the placement of the applications in the network system so as to minimize each application's runtime, given the resources of system's devices and the capabilities of the system's network. The properties of containerized applications now make this possible. The process of containerization creates a lightweight, mobile, packaged application for each of the algorithms in a system. These applications can then be deployed easily and quickly on any layer of the cloud and edge computing architectures. In this research, a fuzzy placement control system is designed to place applications on the cloud-edge model. As verified by simulation, the fuzzy placement control system proposed reduces the total runtime of the applications by placing applications in an efficient location.




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SYSCON 2020 - 14th Annual IEEE International Systems Conference, Proceedings

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