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Trust and the social capital necessary for pedagogical reform

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posted on 2008-01-01, 00:00 authored by James Campbell
Part of the program of educational reform and the change in pedagogy from rote top down instruction to group based and more creative forms of  pedagogy relies on teachers adequately engaging with accepting, and  trusting the reforms and the way subjectivity is reformulated in the  classroom. My essential argument is that if we want to know how Malaysian educational reform will work and what its chances of success are we must focus as much on the issue of trust as we do on pedagogy. The reasons for this are two fold. First, the success of pedagogical reform and the pick up of new forms of pedagogy in the classroom relies on forms of social interaction and aspects of social capital that are different from the types of relationships that characterize a traditional educational setting. Second, a failure to  understand the important social capital that is both a precursor to  pedagogical reform as well as an outcome of it is a failure to understand  both how pedagogical reform can work and what its implications are. If this thesis is correct then we need to focus our research agendas on an area  that is not as well researched. We need to look at the social capital  preconditions for effective teaching and in particular the issue of trust in our  teaching. This paper is an attempt to map out the theoretical issues that  need further elaboration through research.



Putrajaya, Malaysia

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