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Understanding the effects of electrical interference signals and the environment on the effectiveness of cathodic protection

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posted on 2014-01-01, 00:00 authored by Ying HuoYing Huo, Mike Yongjun TanMike Yongjun Tan, Maria ForsythMaria Forsyth
Cathodic protection (CP) failure due to excursions from safe CP levels is a challenge for the protection and maintenance of buried energy pipelines. Although research shows that stray current is a major factor contributing to CP failure, there is little consensus on how 'big' the excursions (either in magnitude, length or frequency) need to be in order to cause pipeline corrosion problems. This uncertainty has caused difficulties in selecting suitable parameters in relevant industry standards. This paper provides a brief review of past research on different factors affecting CP efficiency. Preliminary results from new electrochemical cells designed to develop an understanding of how CP excursions away from the 'safe' level can lead to corrosion problems are also presented.



Australasian Corrosion Association. Conference (2014 : Darwin, Northern Territory)


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Corrosion and Prevention : Proceedings of the 2014 Annual Conference of the Australasian Corrosion Association