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Validation of a methodology to evaluate indoor environmental quality in green residential buildings

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posted on 2017-01-01, 00:00 authored by J B Akom, Abdul-Manan SadickAbdul-Manan Sadick, M H Issa, M Duhoux, S Rashwan
Despite the abundance of literature on buildings' indoor environmental quality (IEQ) in general and their impact on occupants given the time people spend indoors, there is limited empirical evidence on residential buildings' IEQ in particular and their effects on occupants. This paper reports on a preliminary analysis of an ongoing research study aiming to evaluate IEQ in 19 green homes built to the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating system in the city of Brandon, Manitoba. Specifically, this study is devoted to validating a methodology to evaluate these homes, relying on a preliminary analysis of four of the 19 homes. Despite the inherent weaknesses of the preliminary data, specifically in terms of size, the instruments demonstrate robustness in their application in a larger study. Four main data collection instruments are proposed in alignment with the fact that IEQ is a holistic concept from design stage to occupancy: 1) a comprehensive physical measurement protocol, 2) a questionnaire survey 3) interviews with these homes' architects and facility managers and 4) a field observation form to record the physical conditions of these homes. When complete, the results should help designers and facility managers identify IEQ aspects and parameters in need of improvement, physical conditions that can help improve these aspects and parameters, and the effects of improving them on home occupants. More research should be conducted to improve the robustness and the efficacy of the proposed tools. Further, this study could spur future research in the limited area of green residential homes.



Construction Specialty CSCE-CRC. International Conference (6th : 2017 : Vancouver, Canada)


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