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Very Vary

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posted on 2020-11-16, 00:00 authored by Jondi Keane
Very Vary



Australasian Association of Writing Programs. Conference (2020 : 25th : Gold Coast, Queensland)


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Griffith University


Gold Coast, Qld.

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Brisbane, Qld.

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Background My undergraduate degree began with studies in Philosophy and Literature before moving to fine arts. During my MFA in painting, I studied with a several prominent Language poets and collaborated with poets on publishing and installation projects. As my work progressed from painting (1980s) to performance, installation, and video (1990 onwards), the production of texts has been a constant element in my work. My PhD dissertation was on the work of painter, Arakawa and poet, Madeline Gins, whose collaboration on experimental architecture brought a transdisciplinary ethos to my creative practice research. Contribution The work consists of 4 separate videos that used the same 3 panel format. The left panel displayed real time drawing on a blotter pad allowing the drawing to fade within 30seconds. The middle panel display a text that appeared with the sound of old typewriter. The right panel was the compilation of four video using the blotter pad, run at 10x normal speed. The aim and the contribution of the work was to use 3 tempos or paces of attention against each other and make the viewer aware of the selection and movement of attention which the video and text explicitly addressed. Significance In the context of the writing conference, the creative work offered another mode of production different from e-poetry and activating an approach steeped in NY Language poetry scene. In addition, the video work (as part of my ongoing creative practice, is site specific and designed to draw awareness to embodied and spatial aspects of the viewing experience. Displayed online and in an exhibition space at the conference, viewers were able to play several works at the same time, compounding the challenge to attention, retention and comprehension. The works demonstrate my commitment to and emphasize the importance of transdisciplinary practices.

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AAWP 2020 : Conference Exhibition of the 25th Australasian Association of Writing Programs Conference

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