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Video technology as pedagogy: past teacher education students speak to current students through performed research

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conference contribution
posted on 2015-07-17, 00:00 authored by Michelle Ludecke
This paper reports the use of video representations of first-year teachers’ experiences in teacher education workshops that focus on the transition to teaching. This use of video technology is a responsive act that draws on the notion of looking back, where graduates ‘speak to’ current students. Video footage of the performed research ‘The First Time’ shaped activities and discussions in the unit. Workshop/video themes included teacher identity discourses; epiphanic and revelatory moments of transition to becoming a teacher; and preparing for job applications and interviews. A range of data including semi-structured interviews with undergraduate students upon completion of the workshops were analysed within a phenomenographic paradigm, with the aim of describing variations of conception that people have of a particular phenomenon (Sin, 2010). The investigation of the use of video technology as a pedagogical approach to promote critical thinking about the transition to teaching revealed a range of conceptual meanings. These meanings were classified into categories according to their similarities and differences concerning the effectiveness of the technological tool in assisting undergraduates in their transition to teaching. Participants’ conceptions of the phenomenon are individual and relational, and as such results were quite varied. Emergent varied themes include: ‘I now know what it is that I need to learn’; ‘Is this theory or practice?’; and ‘I don’t do drama’. Similarities include: ‘Preparing for the unexpected’. The use of video technology was deemed effective in creating workshop content from the past, in order to teach for tomorrow.



International Study Association of Teachers and Teaching. Conference (17th : 2015: Auckland, New Zealand)


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2015, Michelle Ludecke


D Garbett, A Ovens

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ISATT 2015: International Study Association of Teachers and Teaching: Teaching for Tomorrow Today

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