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Virtual melawati : 3D GIS as a decision support tool for urban planning

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posted on 2010-01-01, 00:00 authored by Mimi Abdul Ghani, Sambit Datta
Virtual Melawati is an environment for developing expertise in the application of 3D interactive visualization and GIS (Geographic Information System) to address problems of the built environment and to test the model as a decision support tool in the context of the local planning authorities in Malaysia. The visual approach enables the integration of highly complex spatial GIS information such as the evolution and transformation of the urban precinct as well as the impact of planned developments into the decision making process. The study will examine the techniques of data acquisition, data reconstruction from physical to digital, urban analysis and visualization in constructing an interactive 3D GIS model to support and assist the decision making process in urban design and planning. The outcomes of the study will deliver an experimental test bed for improving decision making processes in urban planning and design utilizing 3D modeling and GIS. The project will accelerate the uptake of digital and multimedia methods in local government, facilitate current planning and consultation processes between councils and stakeholders and improve the dissemination and management of spatial information about urban environments.



International Conference on Design & Decision Support Systems (10th : 2010 : Eindhoven, The Netherlands)


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Eindhoven, The Netherlands

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